North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 16th July 2022

The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 16th July 2022 is a bit neither here nor there. Someone was departed, masks are back on and refueling the Teknecik power station thought by someone to be a dangerous activity.


BIKER BUDDLE’S BUBBLE’S BURST – MARK Douglas Buddle, an alleged gang member from Australia who had taken up residence in North Cyprus last year, has been deported and banned from re-entering the country.

‘Dangerous’ fuel oil transfer takes place – CONCERNS were raised this week over the transfer of thousands of tonnes of fuel oil from a tanker to the Teknecik power station. A huge ship carrying 13,000 tonnes of fuel oil that was purchased for the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (Kıb-Tek) via a “direct purchase” arrived on Wednesday amid claims that it was too large to reach Teknecik, and that attempting to offload the oil could lead to an environmental “disaster”.

You must wear masks indoors – MASKS must once again be worn indoors and on public transport, with the Communicable Diseases High Committee also urging people to respect social distancing measures at all times. The decision to bring back mask requirements comes after a number of weeks of sustained increases in Covid-19 case numbers, with the numbers of hospitalisations and deaths now beginning to follow suit.

TRNC to mark anniversary of Peace Operation – THE Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will mark the 48th anniversary of the start of the first phase of Turkey’s military intervention in Cyprus on Wednesday.

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