North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 16th January 2021

The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 16th January 2021 is sparse. WhatsApp will be unaffected, the President had a Covid jab and there is going to be yet another election.


A SHOT IN THE ARM FOR TRNC – PRESIDENT Ersin Tatar became the first person in North Cyprus to receive a Covid-19 jab yesterday after 20,000 doses of a vaccine produced in China arrived in the country by air ambulance from Turkey on Thursday. Mr Tatar, Prime Minister Hamza Ersan Saner and Health Minister Ali Pilli led the campaign as the first three to receive the CoronaVac jab, produced by the Beijing-based firm Sinovac, at the Emergency Hospital in Lefkoşa.

N Cyprus ‘not affected’ if Turkey acts against WhatsApp – USERS in North Cyprus of the WhatsApp messaging application should be unaffected if Turkey decides to take action against the Facebook-owned company over its new privacy policy, experts have told Cyprus Today.

Prime Minister calls for an early election – PRIME Minister Hamza Ersan Saner called this week for an early general election after an MP from his National Unity Party (UBP) failed in her latest attempt to become the new Speaker of Parliament. MPs rejected Remziye Canaltay’s bid in two rounds of voting on Monday. The first round of votes saw 25 MPs say no to Canaltay’s candidacy compared to 23 in favour. A second round saw support drop to 19 votes for Canaltay, with 27 rejections and two abstentions.

The rest is not that interesting except to those who are in N Cyprus and could buy the newspaper locally.

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