North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 14th January 2023

The North Cyprus News on the frontpage of Cyprus Today on 14th January 2023 is, in my opinion, filled with boring political gripes. What is actually going on in North Cyprus seems to be missing.


UK FILES SHINE LIGHT ON TALKS – NEWLY released British government files have shed light on the behind-the-scenes efforts to solve the “Cyprus Problem” before European Union accession.

High Commissioner’s remarks ‘unfortunate’ – COMMENTS by British High Commissioner to South Nicosia Irfan Siddiq that a two-state solution in Cyprus is a “non-starter for any serious negotiations” have been branded as “unfortunate” by the TRNC Presidency.

North Cyprus snubbed for Princess Anne visit – THE TRNC has been snubbed once again by a member of the British Royal Family during a visit to the island.

Foreign Ministry slams UN report – THE TRNC Foreign Ministry has slammed the latest biannual reports by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Cyprus.

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