North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 12th February 2022

North Cyprus News on the front page of today’s Cyprus Today 12th February 2022 is sparse. That is, apart from the main article about  assassination.


Assassinated – THE TRNC was left in shock this week after prominent businessman Halil Falyalı and his chauffeur Murat Demirtaş were killed in an armed attack on their vehicle near Mr Falyalı’s Çatalköy home on Tuesday evening. The incident was said to be the bloodiest murder committed in North Cyprus since the shootout at the Ruby Casino in Girne on December 19, 2006, in which two people died and one person was injured.

Sucuoğlu aims to form a new government in coming days – ALMOST three weeks on from the general election, negotiations to form a new government have entered their “official” stage.

Association: Love does not diminish with age – FOLLOWING the publication of harrowing photographs and videos of the mistreatment and neglect of elderly people living in the Sınırüstü Nursing Nome in the İskele district, the Association for Elderly Rights and Mental health have released a press statement ahead of Monday’s Valentine’s Day. The statement, titled “Love doesn’t diminish with age, neither should human rights”, aims to draw a link between the day that is synonymous with love and the neglect that many elderly people are facing in North Cyprus due to a lack of love towards them.

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