North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 11th September 2021

North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 11th September 2021 contains a report of a car accident fatality and the usual comment that something should be done to stop future accidents. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a driver with a child on their lap steering the car while they eat a kebab and carry on a conversation on a mobile phone.


CLOCK TICKING FOR ACCOUNTS – EXPATS and citizens alike have been warned that cash worth the equivalent of almost 8 million TL sitting in hundreds of dormant bank accounts will be lost for good if it is not claimed within a year. According to a law introduced in 2017, any bank account in North Cyprus that remains untouched for over a decade will have its details published in the Official Gazette.

Once the details have been published, account holders have exactly one year to claim their money. Any funds which are left unclaimed once the deadline has passed are transferred by the government to the national Savings Deposit Insurance and Financial Stability Fund.

One dead, four hurt in ‘drink-drive’ smash – ONE person died and four people were injured, including two children, in a crash involving an alleged drink-driver in Lefkoşa on Thursday evening. Passenger Ali Gökhan Demirbilek, 42, (pictured left), lost his life, and two children were left in intensive care, after Mehmet Behai Pınardan, 22, ploughed into the side of their car while allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

Fury as GC teachers told to rip out Atatürk ‘Turkey’s greatest hero’ page from book – GREEK Cypriot education chiefs have been accused of “racism” after ordering copies of an English textbook from the UK to be withdrawn from use in South Cyprus schools. On Wednesday it was reported that the South’s Education and Culture Ministry had told teachers to “rip out” page 36 of the Oxford

Discover Futures 3 Workbook, produced by Oxford University Press and authored by Jayne Wildman, before giving it to students because it contained an exercise including text about Atatürk titled “Turkey’s greatest hero”. Following a furore on social media, the ministry issued a statement saying it was withdrawing the book, aimed at teenage students, due to its “unacceptable” content.

TRNC to develop Covid vaccine – Near East University (NEU) in Lefkoşa has announced the opening of a “Viral Vaccines Research and Production Centre” and that it has commenced work to develop a new vaccine for Covid-19, as well as for other viral diseases. The vaccine project follows on from a number of other NEU projects aimed at combating the pandemic, such as PCR diagnosis kits and variant analysis kits, which are already manufactured on the island, and a nasal spray.

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