North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 11th March 2023

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 11th March 2023North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 11th March 2023 leads with an article telling us about ex-pat bank accounts in the UK being closed because they no longer have an address there.


Don’t Bank on Them – Brits living in the TRNC have been receiving letters from their banks in the UK telling them that their accounts will be closed.

Tatar Slams UNs ‘Black Mark on the History of Cyprus’ – basically Tatar is complaining that the UN recognises the south as the ‘legitimate government’ of the whole of Cyprus.

High Commission clarifies North Cyprus ‘child abduction claims’ – refuting the claim that children being taken to North Cyprus by a parent without permission of the other parent are less likely to be able to be returned.

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