North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 11th December 2021

The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 11th December 2021 is either a continuation of recent articles or a rehash of old stories.


Hunt Down the Canine Killers – POLICE have launched an investigation after four dead dogs were found hanging from trees in the garden of an abandoned house in Dipkarpaz this week. The animals, which appear to be hunting dogs, were found by a member of the public and it is believed they were hanged at different times. News of the incident shocked President Ersin Tatar, who issued a statement calling for the killer or killers to be brought to justice.

Unvaccinated banned from attending New Year parties –  PEOPLE who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 have been banned from participating in New Year events and parties, including those taking place outdoors.

Morgue mix-up causes double pain for families –  TWO families were left in shock and disbelief after a morgue mix-up at Girne Dr Akçiçek State Hospital led to the wrong body being buried. The error first came to light last Friday, December 3, when the son of Vural Güven had to call off his father’s funeral after discovering that the body about to be buried was that of “CT”.


Annual inflation rate soars over 27 per cent – THE TRNC’s annual inflation rate has soared to 27.39 per cent. According to the November 2021 results of the Consumer Price Index published by the Statistical Institute, prices rose by an average 5.52 per cent compared to the previous month, 26.86 per cent compared to December 2020, and 27.39 per cent compared to November 2020.

Fuel prices rise again –  Queues formed at some petrol stations on Monday night ahead of Tuesday’s price rises
FUEL prices went up by more than 10 per cent on Tuesday. According to the Official Gazette a litre of 95 octane unleaded petrol went up from 9.14TL to 10.37TL and a litre of 98 octane unleaded petrol now costs 10.58TL, up from 9.30TL. [Note: £1=18TL]

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