TRNC Legal System | The Long Wait

TRNC Legal System observations.

I was struck by the account of yesterday at the court in Lefkosa and how ad hock everything seems.

Mr Nadir, I am sure would have been given a time and date for his hearings at the Old Bailey and that would have been exactly when his case would be heard. When you consider the number of cases that go through the British Legal System, it is relatively well organised. I am not criticising the north Cyprus system, I guess it is relatively young in comparison, just suggesting they might learn something from the British system.

Six members of Kulaksiz 5 were kept waiting out in the heat in the court area for well over four hours before their Advocate was able to attend chambers with the Bank’s legal team. We must bear in mind these members of Kulaksiz 5 present are aged between 64 and 90 years old and have committed no crime, indeed they have done nothing wrong. Having had to travel from Girne to Lefkosa to be at the hearing, they then were kept waiting this length of time. It is not as if they have so much time to waste at their stage in life. Add to this the countless number of times they have repeated this self same process. Their age seems to be no consideration whatsoever. Yet Islam holds the aged in high esteem.

The purchasers on Kulaksiz 5 have suffered immeasurably already and it would seem their suffering is not going stop any time soon.

The one chink of light on the horizon is Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21 which might well be their salvation. Hopefully they are the beacon leading the way for all other mortgage victims. Let us pray this is so and the TRNC Legal System sees the light.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith


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