North Cyprus Law | All Change!

North Cyprus Law | All Change!WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Law | All Change!

It is a sad situation that so many of us need legal help simply because the legal help we had initially did a ‘piss poor’ job.

It seems that there is no compassion for us and we are expected to keep digging into our meagre savings to try for the second time and, for some, even a third time to get the job done properly.

What so many in the legal industry refuse to see is that if the job had been done properly in the first place, we would not be having to enlist their services. That the fact that we do have to is and indictment on the system, simply because for too long the lawyers/advocates have been allowed to get away with a second even third rate service. Not all of them, but enough to be the underlying cause of the majority of the property problems. Any system is only as good as those who work within it.

Mehmet Kaptan Bensen has decided he can no longer give legal advice on the Free Legal Advice page and has started a new page. I wish him every success and I am sure he will continue to give good expert advice and service.

Free Legal Advice North Cyprus will continue but instead of being limited to just one Advocate, we have opened up the group to all members who are Advocates to give advice and answer any legal questions. As a concession to our previous expert, no other Advocates were members, now they are. Further if as a result of these questions the members wish to enlarge the discussion, they will be free to do so. No one can agree on everything but unless the post is spiteful and threatening, it will be allowed. Good natured discussion and bantering makes for a healthy group. Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus continues unchanged.

We will, through both groups, continue to campaign for the rights of every person disadvantaged in the property sector.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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