How To Make Your Own ‘Justice For All’ Protest Placard

Instructions for making your own ‘Justice For All’ Protest Placard

Take a piece of chipboard about half a metre by a metre. Whitewash it. Allow to dry. Then attach wooden curtain pole to the back with screws, leaving the knobs on at each end. On the whitened side, trace your message and then black it in with black felt tip pen. What do you have, the placard I carried at today’s march in support of Asil Nadir. You see all those years watching Blue Peter were not entirely wasted, get down Shep!

So what did I write on my placard, which I assure you was very carefully worded:


I was very comfortable with that message because I do believe in Justice for everyone. I was not making a statement for or against the decision already arrived at, I was merely saying Justice For All. I was not going to miss an opportunity to get across the message for all property scam victims.

The event was not very well attended, Agile estimates 200/300. Having my photo taken with my new posh placard, I was far too busy to count. The assembly point at Kyrenia Gate in Lefkosa was lively and everyone was friendly. I have to say, if there were more expats there I did not see them. I was too busy.

The actual departure from the park was very delayed and it was well past midday before the march began. I left them on the way to the Ledra Street crossing. I was encouraged by Kerem from Cyprus Today to come along with them but, to be honest, I had achieved my aim. I was feeling extremely hot and a little unwell. I had to put my sling on to protect my dodgy shoulder and felt that this little old lady had done her bit. So as the march passed right by the car park, we made a dignified exit from the march.

Mr Ersin Tatar the Finance Minister was there giving an interview to a TV Station, I didn’t bother to go say hello because I do not know what my reply might have been if he had again asked me if I was happy. I only spotted one other politician who from a distance looked like the leader of the main opposition party.

The march today was not in the same league as the May Day march and I think perhaps 6.00 pm would have been a better time and possibly have resulted in a bigger attendance.

Pauline Ann Read

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