TRNC Kibkom Forum Accused of Banning Free Speech

TRNC Kibkom Forum Accused of Banning Free SpeechTRNC Kibkom Forum Accused of Banning Free Speech


You will love this, poor old ‘pollymarples’ has been banned from Kibkom for one week. Her crime was giving a link to another site. Heinous crime that, but wait for it, it was to a TRNC Government information site! Not content with this, Marion Stuart thinks it is okay to reveal personal user details by speculating publicly that ‘pollymarples’ may well be Pauline Read and indeed many other user names too.

Marion, I believe you have violated a forum user’s privacy, and risked Pauline Read being served even more Libel Writs, by even suggesting anything of this nature. This does you no credit. I am appalled that this site is being policed by people who do not respect privacy.

It seems our ‘polly’ fell foul of the moderators by publishing details of Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21 and her first post was soon locked. When ‘cyprusishome’ came to her defence on this, the mods gathered and ganged up on both him and ‘pollymarples’. She did not even mention ***DELETED*** Bank or any of the other villains by name.

One moderator even went as far as to accuse ‘pollymarples’ of misbehaving on C44, which is ridiculous. The only time she was banned on there was for the moderator finding a ‘l’ in her Yahoo email address which was quickly proved she could not have put there herself.

Well one thing is for sure, censorship and cronyism is alive and well and living on Kibkom. ‘Pollymarples’ does have a message for Kibkom, “you can take your membership and shove it where the sun does not shine.” You do not deserve her as a member.


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