Embargoed! website re-launched

Embargoed! are extremely pleased to confirm that we have recently re-launched our website. It packed with excellent information and an i-player facility which, in time, we will be filling with lots of short films relevant to our lobbying messages. You can visit the website by going to www.embargoed.org
MEMBERSHIP is so key to our group. Many people have renewed their membership, but there are still quite a few who have not done so. We are so pleased to confirm that online joining is now possible on our website. All you need to do is go to the following link and follow the steps which are fairly straightforward:

In addition to the above our hundreds of supporters abroad who follow us closely and give us great moral support can now also join using the secure online joining facility on the above link. We have 3 vital projects all ready to go, but we need to ensure the funding is secured to ensure the projects run. We do rely entirely on the financial support of our members and other supporters. We do not rely on financial support from the government. Our groups independence is very important to us and whoever kindly provides financial donations do not interfere in a negative way vis-a-vis our lobbying efforts. To remind people, every single penny received goes into lobbying and all our efforts are completely of a voluntary nature.
If you wish to simply make a one-off donation to one of the excellent campaign ideas currently being fought please click on the link below:

Your support is so very vital to ensuring that Embargoed! continues to punch well above its weight. We have to continue to push the Republic of Cyprus hard and also to lobby the rest of the world. The political landscape is slowly changing and more decision-makers are seeing things in a much more balanced manner, when it comes to Cyprus. Embargoed! takes much of the credit for this.
PLEASE HELP – membership is only £10 for the whole year. Or if you are in a position to really help maybe you would like to make a donation to help our work?
Yours sincerely,
Fevzi Hussein
Chairperson, Embargoed!

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