K5 v Akfinans Bank | Afrika Newspaper – 6/12/14

It seems even in my  absence my good friend  Mr Sener Levent continues to support the K5. I did, of course make him aware of the K5 victory over Akfinans Bank Limited as soon as I found out.  Not only did Mr Levent give it a mention on national TV, he also gave it front page on the 6th December 2014.6-Aralık-2014_Page_01-smallThank you so much Sener bay.

Paulin Read

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  • Is there any chance of an English translation of the Africa report, Pauline?

  • Polly Marples

    Sorry Mike, they want £100 for a translation and we know roughly what it says.

    Nice decorations at the top Mr Editor.

  • Polly Marples


    And there’s more

  • Polly Marples

    This is a very bad translation of the article directly above.

    Sunday December 7, 2014 10:04

    Akfinans the result against the Bank ‘Kulaksız Case’, British, glad you are a victim of real estate, drew attention to the importance of the issue of the trial lawyers:
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    Precedent going
    Remzi SAM

    Kyrenia connected in Karsiyaka, Kulaksız Construction Ltd. bought the house where the British made the company laugh money mortgage loans given by the outcome of the lawsuit on the grounds that face losing their homes.

    In the event that the lawyers who claim to be victims of British Boysen said Boyr and create a precedent in other cases that the subject Hasan Alkan. To consulted on the matter could not be reached if the other party’s lawyer requested.

    Dialogue Speaking Lawyers Boysen Boyr to, in this case not only the British, he said an example for everyone living in northern Cyprus. The decision of the other lawyers in the case of Hakan Alkan said yet clear, there are thousands of people in this situation. This is not only a decision on the plaintiff in this matter, “he said.

    Landlords calling regarding this case Boyr said, “If this mortgage you find your present mortgage, go aspiring from your couch if the facility while the title is missing or she be mortgaged land given incorrect information solicitor is established after you sell your home and the immediate battle. You think you’ve lost so you can get back home, “he said.

    “Great decision”

    Boysen Boyr said, “I lost my house, how many people will unfortunately no longer a glass of water on the inside I will want to get these people to go home. We receive thousands of mortgage sensations that made it that way, “he said.

    “Questioned methods applied by the Bank”

    “This case so far was a method to be decided whether the unlawful method of case applied by many banks,” said Attorney Boyr to, declaring on 3 houses purchased by individuals that land is land to land managers, showing fields of land, they took the mortgage. He wrote to the fields that have not yet received the goods on the cob with detached cob on the field, there were homes where others pay cash. Indeed, in this case also the home of the British after they were placed in mortgage purchase, the mortgage banks when placing them in the field had shown “was found in description.

    “We argued that at the beginning of the trial was unlawful”

    From the very beginning of the case voicing argued that it was unlawful Boyr has underlined that they continue to do so tirelessly until the end of the trial. While a property mortgage to a person according to the related mortgage law, have the right to say how his on strong emphasis must show on the mortgage certificate Boyr said, “on the real estate that Akfinans Bank’s mortgage taken by them to be the home of the British was purchased these homes and the construction of some houses Even where land managers should be reported to completion. But unfortunately this was done. In the field of home mortgages were British. Today we have reached the point of decision of the court was focused on this point, “he said.

    “Question marks in mind occurred”

    Boyr the case of adoption of this resolution of mortgages taken up by other banks in the provision of mortgage loans in the same way today said that the cause of the retrospective questions in mind in case of litigation in this way.

    Is it true that apply 250 percent interest?

    Akfinans also made a statement on the allegations that apply interest on mortgage securities Bora, “the mortgage securities fell 250 interest on the notes will be received in the form of signing the mortgage deed. That includes 250 percent interest mortgage securities. But when they come to court, we charge interest of 250 percent. We performed 38 percent was in the form of declarations of interest, “said the words.

    “The British are very joyful”

    Following the conclusion of property owners against Akfinans Court states that in the case of accident Kyrenia glad the British Boyr has argued that this decision came together again to trust the justice system in Northern Cyprus.

    Alkan: Decision not yet been finalized

    Hasan case with other lawyers of the British Alkan also emphasized that this decision has not yet been finalized, but a very important cause.

    In this case draws attention to the thousands of citizens who Alkan, “has paid the money has made a contract purchased an immovable property but somehow owners of construction companies and some banks of us are lacking certain wrong attitudes so that they fell victim realized. A decision that will affect these people. This is not only a decision on the plaintiffs in this matter. In this way there is a finding that they should be canceled performed mortgages. The essence of these homes have taken this issue of the plaintiff. These people believe that the decision of the 4-5-6 years after the justice in this country … We believe that this is true from the beginning. As a result, such a decision was taken. “He said.

    Lawyer Boyr like Alkan said they delighted in the face of this decision of their clients, he defended his opinion to revolutionize the legal system of this case in northern Cyprus.

    The other party’s lawyer could not be reached

    On the other hand, the dialogue to seek the opinion of the reporter yesterday day deal Akfinans Bank’s lawyer could not be reached in the Akan Kursad.

  • Thank you Polly. I see we’re not quite there yet with translation websites.