John Groaves Reply to Pinar Ocal Gokboru Property Money Transfer Hack

John Groaves Reply to Pinar Ocal Gokboru Property Money Transfer HackJohn Groaves has replied to Pinar Ocal Gokboru’s justification to not reimburse him after he sold his apartment and she sent part of his money to someone involved in a Property Money Transfer Hack. He lost £20 000 when the second tranche of money from his sale was sent to Ireland after Pinar Ocal Gokboru received an email telling her to cancel his previous instruction and send the money elsewhere.

John replied:

‘I have just read PINARS reply , I think I would love to meet Pinar in court , in England because I have just had my ankle fused because I have athitis in both ankles, and have got to have the other one done at some time ,so could not make the trip to Cyprus.

But I would ask for more than the 20.000 pounds after all she has put my wife and myself through and the cost in health and money, she sent the money to Ulster Bank in Ireland, NOT ME.

She keeps saying it was my fault , but then she would wouldn’t she , I have always said she was Hacked after sending the first amount , if you read the email they sent.

It was sounds has if it was sent from a business person talking about a client, she has met me I am 80 years old and NOT AN Irishman, and she had already sent 32.000 pounds to my bank and I sent her a email thanking her , and I still have it , as for the police the case it is still going on with the fraud police in Ireland. Fraud police , crime number 15736011 Constable Emmet Brainnigan phone 003531666800 ,my English solicitor Mr Warren closed the case after he could not get anywhere because of the VERY bad Laws I had to pay him 2.000 pounds , also why did PINAR not try harder to get OUR money back she NEVER sent any emails from her BANK not one to say she had even tryed to get them to pay for her getting hacked and sending our money to the wrong Bank , most banks cover costomers for fraud , I do not think she even tried to recover our money for us . We paid her to look after us she is a Professional who does this every day we put our trust in her , and she MUST be responsible for her actions , and her and her profession must stand by the people she and they represent .

That is why we employ them , And this is to you PINAR EVERY WORD I HAVE SAID IS THE TRUTH . MR JOHN GROAVES . This has been a nightmare of your making .’

If you were looking for an Advocate in North Cyprus in order to sell a property, would you use Pinar Ocal Gokboru?

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2 comments to John Groaves Reply to Pinar Ocal Gokboru Property Money Transfer Hack

  • Polly Marples

    Well put John.

    One question I would be getting my brief to ask is….does her bank REALLY have a daily limit.
    Pauline dealt with 4 different banks in the TRNC and not one of them had a daily limit. Do you know the name of the bank she sent it through?

    Are you aware John that you could sue her for negligence…yes even in the TRNC, although I would caution you against taking any legal action in a TRNC court….Pauline spent almost going through their flawed system only to have her villa handed to Akfinans Bank to satisfy a debt incurred by the builder/landowner AFTER they had sold it to her. She is well aware she could sue Hasan Alkan and Boysan Boyra for negligence but does not want to spend the last years of her life tied up in a very expensive system slewed in favour of their own.

    If this woman had an ounce of professional pride, she would reimburse you immediately.

  • Polly Marples

    How refreshing it would be if instead of threatening and intimidating their client…advocates in the TRNC actually tried to help the situation…do all humanly possible to get the money back. They do themselves and all their colleagues a dis-service by washing their hands of this. Clearly their hands are NOT clean.