Popular Science News | What Your Doodles Reveal

Popular Science News – What Your Doodles Reveal has been the subject of several studies. The most interesting linked doodling and day dreaming with creative thinking rather than idle time wasting. It seems that doodling keeps our brain awake during monotonous events such as lectures and actually improves our recollection of the information we appear to be missing. At least that is the finding reported in the soon to be released book the Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown.

According to Sunni, the way to get the most out of doodling is to focus on images related to the subject that is boring you. If you are listening to a plant biology lecture then doodle plants. In the case of one scientist, his doodles at a boring presentation led to a way to visualise the occurrence of prime numbers, now known as the Ulam Spiral. Won’t be long before there are Doodling courses in Universities!

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