Popular Science News | Dangers of Gangnam Granddad Dancing

Popular Science News | Dangers of Gangnam Granddad DancingPopular Science News – there is a danger of Gangnam Granddad Dancing as Christmas approaches and celebrations hit full swing. I believe it is time to warn granddads about the dangers of the kind of festive dancing that only they are capable of.  This comes after a father-of-three died in front of his wife when he finished performing the Gangnam Style dance.

Gangnam Style parodies the lives of affluent residents of the country and is accompanied by vigorous dance moves, mimicking riding a horse. It has been performed by an array of public figures, including Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general.

Granddads are being advised to restrict their dancing activities to allowing their wives to dance around them while they majestically use their hand as a focal point of her dancing. There are not only obvious health advantages but also less chance of their ridiculousness appearing on You’ve Been Framed!



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