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Popular Science NewsPopular Science News – Crowdfunding Medical Research is a simple concept, medical research which would otherwise not be funded would be funded through cash donations using a crowdfunding website. This is a new concept and has been used to start up small businesses depending on their popularity to the funder.

The first company to take the crowfunding concept to medicine was MedStartr, which raised funding for physician videoconferencing, cancer support programmes and therapeutic exercise equipment. CureLauncher, launched in October, takes the idea even further and uses donations to find potential cures which otherwise would never see the light of day because of lack of funding.

One benefit of crowdfunding to the researcher is that funds are available to them in 30-45 days. One benefit to the funder is that a donation brings them a direct link to the research project. This means that if you have the condition the research seeks to find a cure for then your donation allows you to watch the research develop.

For example, a project to help find a chemotherapy drug for breast cancer which has spread to the brain is looking for $10,000 and so far 14 donors have helped to raise 11% of this amount, with 24 days left. It’s amazing what a personal £50 donation can do!

Popular Science News | Crowdfunding Medical Research

For more information, and a possible contribution, go to CureLauncher

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