Modern Poetry | Wings Series | Sunrise


Modern Poetry –  Wings Series – Sunrise is a poem about just that, the sun rising.




Kissing tree top
Awaking bird.
Glinting on dew
Adorned spider nest.
Dancing through canopy
Releasing dark to flee.
Back to hidden corners
Of primordial Earth.
Spinning Earth
Axis true.
Burning disc
Scribing daily.
Through clouds
Beams of light.
Life giving
Warmth again.
Beaten golden orb
Lamps dimmed.
Wicks trimmed
Warmth pervading.
Eyes shielded
Work begins.
Life renewed
By burning ball.
Lovers now see
Before just touching.
Darkness their friend
Hiding secrets.
Eyes beholding
Limbs unfolding.
Caressing nakedness
Modesty comes.
Child running
Sleepy eyed.
Urgently needing
Finding, hoping.
Is Grandma awake
Sun kissed child.
Carrying pure love
From her dreams.
Flowers opening
Vanishing dew.
Reflecting  water
Diamonds and you.
Bats and nocturnes retreat
Finding leaf, cave and hole.
Seeds germinating
Tendrils waving high.
Kiss of the Sun
No lips.
Feel its touch
Warming water.
Drying land
Life giver.
Life taker
Desert cruel.
Wolf bemused
Cowed, silent.
No moon to howl
Blinded eyes.
Seeking shadow
Night hunt over.
Protecting cubs
Hunters come.
Fiery planet.
Fission fierce.
Mysterious flare
Light of life.
Aztec, Inca
High priest, Druid.
Wielding knife, sacrificing
Alter of perpetual light.
Shining on me
Warming you.
I try to touch
Reaching up.
Reaching you
Connecting hope.
Too far, nearly can
I see you there.
You are my Sun
I need your heat.
Longing for your warmth
Smelling your hair.
Kissing your lips
You give me life.
Hope and care
Soon you will rise here.


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