Popular Science News | Global Warming Isn’t Causing Droughts

Popular Science News – according to common-sense, global warming should equal droughts. If it gets warmer, water evaporates and so there is less liquid water, which we call a drought. Contrary to expectation, new research data seems to show that over the last 50 years there has been no increase in the incidence of droughts.

It seems that the 0.65oC increase in the world temperature over the last 50 years has not increased the incidence of droughts, although it is expected this will change in the future. In fact, in a complete turn around, scientists are speculating that droughts are causing hot weather rather than the other way round!

In effect, we’re taking more water from the environment so there is less to evaporate and this removes the cooling effect evaporating water brings. To experience this effect, wet the back of your hand and blow across the water patch and you should experience a cooling effect. I sometimes think that research scientist really should admit that they haven’t a clue!

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