Rachmanism in north Cyprus?

How many of you remember Peter Rachman, the notorious landlord of the 50’s and 60’s in the U.K. The man became infamous for his exploitation of the poor and the vulnerable in the property market. Even spawned the word Rachmanism which has now made it to the dictionary.

Lets move forward to two of the villains in this piece: Yuksel Yilmaz and Abdur/Rahman Guney. Strangely the Turkish version of Rachman is Rahman even the word Rahmanism exists in their language – nothing much as changed then. Perhaps with that name he could only behave in the despicable way he has. Yuksel Yilmaz the landowner and brother, brother-in-law and even son of the Turkish families occupying two of his houses. He has put them in the same situation the rest of us legal owners of the villas at Kulaksiz 5 – or are they? Watch this story unfold.

Where are the British press? Where are the International press? This story will eventually be more important than the Orams and that was bad enough. This has the potential to snowball into a catastrophe affecting another 1,400 plus ex patriots and investors in North Cyprus. I call upon the Government of the TRNC to institute a full Government Enquiry and stop the Auction on the 6th June. If the Government do not step in the Auction will go ahead as choreographed by AKFINANS BANK LTD.

Auction to take place on the 6th June at the Coffee Shop, Karsiyaka Square just follow the crowd. I would advise you to be there before 9.00 a.m. Those of you who have poppies, wear them. Quiet peaceful presence please.

If you care – be there.

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