North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 Scam | Panto Scene Two


North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 Scam | Panto Scene Two

Following on from the last article.

In June 2008 Pauline Read her Permission to Purchase from the Government and invited the Builder to meet with her at the Tapu to transfer title. Of course the builder was unable to comply and it was for this reason she then seriously considered a Breach of Contract action against the builder. Indeed it was not until all other avenues had been exhausted that she started these proceedings.

Never once did her Advocate suggest using Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21. Why? You might well ask since the law had been on the Statute Books since 1978. One does not expect an Advocate to know all the laws, that would be impossible. One does expect however that EVERY Advocate should know where to look for such laws, how to research, and there was a great big clue there for all advocates, the word MORTGAGE. Then, as they are legally trained, the word LAW. Not a big stretch to take it further and start researching under the words Mortgage Law. Yet strangely we are asked to believe that not one of them even thought of doing this.

You will also remember the 5 Wisemen Committee that was set up and disbanded within one week because there was thought to be no remedy. Are we also being asked to believe that not ONE of these wisemen had a light bulb flash in their heads and thought, “I know, let us look in our law books under MORTGAGE LAWS?” Was it because they could not help, or did not want to help? We shall never know.

In July 2008 a meeting with the ***DELETED*** bank was convened at the Girne Branch. Oddly enough access to the manager’s office was through the Tailor shop that fronts the main drag in the main street in Girne. How apt, approaching the bank through a tailor shop gives a whole new meaning to being ‘stitched up.’ This was an exercise in futility since the manager made it clear he did not care who paid the debt, as long as it was paid. He said he had no copies of the paperwork nor could he give the exact amount owed at that time.

Many attempts were made to resolve the matter but in the end all failed.

The situation today remains at stale mate. The Bank now live in the villa that Pauline Read claims as hers. They also have possession of the villa that is still claimed as the property of Eva McCluskey.

On the 2nd of January 2013 there will be an appearance at Girne District Court when K5 will find out whether an agreement has been reached over what, if any, of the Bank’s reply to the K5’s amended case will be ‘struck out’. Or, if an agreement had not been reached, the Judge will hear both sides and will make the decision. The main case will follow. How long will this take, how long is a piece of string?

I suspect that as we enter 2014 I will still be writing about the same saga. But this is so much more than a saga. It is people’s lives. The old, the frail, the vulnerable, the very people a civilised society should be protecting; Kulaksiz 5’s oldest member will be 90 years old in March 2013. Is there anyone out there in authority who cares?

Power to the people.

Citizen Smith

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