North Cyprus Property | Hasan Sungur Incesu Villas

North Cyprus Property – Hasan Sungur Incesu Villas

A post on Embargoed by ‘Catherine Meddes’ tells the plight of the Incesu North Property Property victims on the Hasan Sungur site. NCFP have featured several articles on this situation in the past, almost two years ago in October 2011. Perhaps they would be worth repeating to show that despite promises, usually nothing is actually done to solve these problems.

‘7 Briiish people bought houses in TRNC at Incesu, above Alsancak. The land is owned by Hasan Sungur President of the Estate Agents Union. The Estate Agent is Vice President of the Estate Agents Union and the Turkish Cypriot Lawyer Mustafa Sener of Sener Law Firm is affiliated to Hugh Jones of London. Hasan Sungur contracted with Cafer Yucelgazi a Turkish Cypriot builder to build the project. All of these TCs were involved in ALL the sales. 7 years later the British buyers are still waiting for their houses. Hasan Sungur refused to sign their contracts and later cancelled the contract he had with the builder. There was no build permit for this project. But the buyers were not informed of this until 2 years after they purchased. Numerous meetings/court proceedings have been held to deal with this matter. Pembr Ibrahim CAC attended the meetings to represent the Landowner Hasan Sungur. The agreement she came up with, although agreed, never got into court – time wasting. Now Hasan Sungur wants £20 for the land (which was included in the price) and £10 towards the infrastructure. (£30k) All the payments have been made for these houses and the only payment left is the handover payment and the taxes (in my case £8k). 7 years has now passed and they are still demanding money for houses which are cracking because the builder did not put a retaining wall above the project. Hasan Sungur’s 2 houses are OK as they are on lower ground. NO-ONE IS SUPPORTING THESE VICTIMS

Hasan Sungur’s houses were supposed to be build on the other side of the project. Instead the land was removed from in front of the Brits houses and their swimming pools were put on the roadside12 ft down from the houses. Each house as a car port which will never see a car as they cannot be reached by car due to removing the hillside to build Hasan’s houses. The excavation marks can still be seen.’

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