North Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village CVOA Replies Again

North Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village CVOA Replies AgainNorth Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village CVOA Replies Again

After CVOA’s response to our original article, and Tony Logan’s comments on it, CVOA came back with the following:

“I have just received a note with the link to the recent edition of Free Press.  I am sorry but there seems to have been some confusion, and the water was probably muddied when I copied you into an email to Cyprus Today following receipt of an email that another article was to appear!

I have amended the Statement somewhat, upon discussion with the committee, and set out specific answers to certain allegations.

Is there any way you can cancel this article and re-submit this new one?  If not, please just add items 1 – 10 and add the paragraph about actual maintenance being 12% equal to £44 pm?

1)      As far as I know the shuttle bus is running.

2)  The “Deal” Mr. Logan mentioned was a unilateral agreement between Mustafa (since discredited and sacked) and Mr. Logan and the non-payers.  I, and a CVOA member, had been told by Mustafa that the discount amounted to £80 a year, which sounded reasonable.  However, during the meeting it was obvious that this was not the case.  Shortly after I had several complaints from CVOA members (who had always paid) saying they had heard boasts that non-payers were getting between £400 and £800 discount!  I made it clear that without agreement by CVOA committee I could not concur. – see attachment.

3) Yigor did not stop discounts.  Cheelsey Management then run by new Director Murat stopped the discounts with the blessing of Mr. Logan who is pictured shaking hands with Murat in one of his CVT issues.  In fact, after Murat left, CVOA managed to persuade the new management company to re-instate discounts for people who pay in advance 12.0%, as opposed to 20% previously enjoyed.  For those who pay yearly in advance the fee is now £44 a month.

4) Mr. Logan talks about rebuking the Sales Contract.  I think he might mean Maintenance Contract, because all owners would have signed at Sales Contract before taking possession of their property.

5) This is the first time I, as Chair of CVOA, or the committee have responded to bullying tactics and a hate campaign directed against me personally.  I did not wish to rise to his bait as, sadly, Mr. Logan thrives on hassle and I was not prepared to play his little games but the situation is now untenable.

6) Neither I nor CVOA had any prior knowledge whatsoever about actions proposed by the new director Furkat Suvhanov regarding security, or blocking drains.  However, we believe that the developers and managers have exceeded the limits of their patience and as well over £100,000 is outstanding in maintenance, they are within their rights to take such action as they deem necessary and in accordance with TRNC law.

7) The burning question is why Mr. Logan pays his maintenance and yet exhorts others not to pay?

8) I have not been Chair for 10 years.  I was voted in at the Inaugural meeting on 16th February 2009, just over 4.5 years ago!  I never play any part in the voting process.  In fact Mr. Logan in 2010, with the help of the then secretary Mike Woodall, ran the whole process.  In 2009 it was carried out by Haven management and in 2012 this was performed by our Secretary Barry Dickens.

9) The non-payers demand an “independent management company”.  Great idea but is there a company who would be prepared to take on the huge outstanding debt?  I have checked at Companies House and can confirm that Yigor and Cheelsey Management are, indeed, separately registered companies

10) Andy Caldwell makes a libellous statement that “the sinking fund has disappeared”.  The sinking fund is held in Universal Bank (see attachment) and is accruing interest at 8.5%.  Originally it was collected by Haven management but members wanted it held by CVOA.  The account is in the name of CVOA and has two signatories (previously three but one sadly died).  There have been no withdrawals and full details are given on the Members Forum at”

Blimey, NCFP certainly seems to have let the cat out amongst the pigeons!

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