Kulaksiz auction – 16 days to go before pensioners evicted

In Saturday’s edition of Cyprus Today Kulaksiz Contstruction are quoted as saying “we do not accept any liability for these loans because they were not taken out under our name”

Do they really believe that changing directorship (the plumber is now the patsy – sorry I mean director) absolves them of the actions of the director at the time of the mortgage; i.e. Abdurrahman Guney. Clearly their business acumen is as sharp as their building skills.

I am today showing you a document titled Indemnity Agreement signed by the then Director Abdurrahman Guney for himself AND on behalf of Kulaksiz Construction Limited – duly witnessed. This is my Contract, but it is my understanding the Contracts of the other purchasers on Kulaksiz 5 are signed in exactly the same way.

It would be nice to walk away from all your problems by blaming someone else but when that someone else was your Director at the time of the ‘crime’ how can a company try to wriggle out of their responsibility this way. Are they saying that Abdurrahman Guney acted without the knowledge of the company in this matter, colluded with Yuksel Yilmaz in mortgaging ‘our’ land and homes that Kulaksiz Construction Limited had Contracted to sell and build? Why haven’t they contacted the police then? Absolute rubbish – Abdurrahman Guney was the boss – his word was law – he was Kulaksiz Construction Limited. If information I have received is true he still is and, contrary to rumours he had returned to Turkey, he is in fact living in Famagusta and still very much the king pin of Kulaksiz Construction Limited.

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