Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Interim Judgement Stays Put!


Agile and Pauline arrived at the Lefkosa High court at 8.55 a.m. Those resident on K5 were there and waiting anxiously. The object of today’s exercise was to hopefully make permanent the Interim Injunction already granted on the 19th September. This you would have thought would not take too much time. However the Judges we needed were involved in criminal case appeal and this went on for some considerable time.

It was interesting to note all the goings on in the court area, two men in handcuffs were escorted into the court. A very visible police presence was also noted. The Public Prosecutor was there, the same one appointed to investigate Pauline’s complaint into the possible criminal conspiracy by the bank, builder and landowner.

Interestingly the Bank had brought in yet another Advocate in addition to Akan Kursat, this was a very highly respected and well known Advocate Serhan Cinar.

We were not sure if there would be court hearing but as it happens there was not

At 1.05 pm our Advocates and the Advocates for the Bank went into chambers. The outcome was that the Interim Injunction stays in place for at least another week. At approximately 1.45 pm Boysan bey held a meeting with all of the K5 victims and advised them of the contents of the chambers discussions. Suffice to say, the contents of that meeting are not for publication as yet


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