Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Girne District Court – 10/10/2012


Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank – in just 5 days the main case for Kulaksiz 5 will start, Wednesday 10th October at Girne District Court.

It is important to realise that this will not be a one day case and may well go on for several weeks. The way things work in North Cyprus is that it will most probably be adjourned on several occasions, so although it seems prolonged, the actual court time is not that much. Whatever the outcome of this hearing, it will almost certainly be Appealed by the losing side. This means that the ultimate decision will eventually come from the Lefkosa High Court.

As is well known Kulaksiz 5 have already lodged a case with the European Court of Human Rights. I know all concerned pray that this case will never have to be acted upon, but should the unthinkable happen and they exhaust all legal avenues in North Cyprus without success, this is where the Kulaksiz 5 will end up seeking justice.

For those of you who are not already aware, the Kulaksiz 5 will be seeking this justice by naming Turkey as respondent in the ECHR case. It does not seem right that Turkey should have to carry the cost of the injustice in North Cyprus, but this is how it will be.

Of course the stress and strain of the long ordeal is unimaginable and that only one of the original K5 purchasers has died during this time is a miracle. There have been some accidents that may not have occurred had the victims not been so stressed. Indeed two of the K5 have ended up in hospital as a result of these accidents and in beds next to each other. Other members are living on their nerves, exhausted from lack of sleep due to the worry. The ages of the victims are important, since realistically, some will not live to see the end of this case.

That one set of human beings could inflict such horrors on another set of human beings is unconscionable, but sadly the perpetrators seem to have no conscience and have made money their only concern. They are more to be pitied than blamed, since they really cannot see the wrongness of their actions.

Let us therefore pray that the North Cyprus judicial system does the right thing by the Kulaksiz 5 and rights this terrible wrong.

You can all help the Kulaskiz 5 by supporting them, either with your presence at the hearing on the 10th October 2012 at 9.00 am at Girme District Court, or praying for them and just by ‘willing’ their success. This is not a protest, it is a sharing and caring act of support for people in distress, just keep the thought in mind “there but for the Grace of God, go I.”

Will Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21 be their salvation, only time will tell?

If you care, be there.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank

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