Cyprus News | Toparlaniyoruz Calls for TRNC Election Boycott

Cyprus News | Toparlaniyoruz Calls for TRNC Election Boycott

According to the Kibris newspaper (25.06.13) Kudret Ozersay, leader of the Toparlaniyoruz Movement, has called on the people not to vote in the upcoming TRNC elections. His argument is that by v0ting people would automatically be supporting a corrupt system, apparently he believes this would be true no matter who stands for election.

Ozersay says that he remembers that when he was a child people drove into his village on Saturday nights before the elections and handed out money. Although how he could be sure that those who accepted this bribe actually changed their vote in the secret election ballot was not made clear.

It was also not made clear in the article how eliminating the votes of those taking Ozersay’s advice would help, as they would potentially remove the votes of ethical voters from the system who would probably have voted for the ‘better’ candidates. Mind you, it might reduce the number of bribes by making them less necessary if there were less voters involved in the election. I imagine that Ozersay has a cunning plan to replace the electoral system, I wonder what it is? Am I the only one who thinks that boycotting the democratic process is a crazy idea?

On the Toparlaniyoruz website, referring to corruption in the TRNC political system, it says about Ozersay that:

‘he doesn’t rule out the possibility that if no political party is prepared to rise to the challenge, Toparlanİyoruz could become a political force in its own right.’

Toparlaniyoruz also insists that it is:

‘standing against the issues expats have been experiencing over immovable properties. We will be a movement criticising a Turkish Cypriot political leadership that lacks the essential willingness to act against this.’

It appears in this latter case it is adopting the ‘standing man’ protest method where you stand around doing nothing hoping that things will change. While these two issues may unfairly cast a negative light on Toparlaniyoruz, I for one am not sure how not voting and not actively helping property victims like Pauline Read is the right way to go. Perhaps someone in the Toparlaniyoruz movement can put to rest my doubts unless they are too busy not voting and not helping ex-pat property victims.

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