North Cyprus News | Astute FMA Update

North Cyprus News | Astute FMA UpdateWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus News  Astute FMA Update

All seems to have gone quiet over the Astute FMA investments made by some of the ex-pats living in north Cyprus. See LM Investment Management in Administration.

I have yet to see any news of whether anyone has ever had their capital returned to them, and since this is so, I have to doubt that any of them have.

The Daily Record reported that:

‘In an exclusive interview from his offices in Kyrenia, north Cyprus, Kennedy, 54, insisted that his commission of £1million has been put back into a pot to help investors with legal fees.’

There were rumours of legal action against the Australian investment company by investors and the intermediary in north Cyprus who acted for the investors. I must restate that these were rumours and not confirmed.

I do know that the intermediary now trades from a different address in north Cyprus and can now be found in the Alsancack area and I attach the new location which can be found on their web page. You can also reach Scott Kennedy on the Bodrum numbers +90 392 815 82 75 or +90 539 827 82 58 as well as the numbers on that website

It must be borne in mind that the intermediary denies doing anything wrong and no evidence to contrary exists.


Pauline Read

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