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Cyprus Law – Lawyers’ Associations With No Teeth

Whether it is the Bar Association in the ROC or the Baro Counsel in TRNC, it would seem both regulatory bodies charged with keeping their member Lawyers/Advocates in line will go to any lengths to protect ‘their own’.

We all know the poor response to pleas for help from the abandoned clients of Mehmet Kaptan Bensen by the Baro Counsel in the TRNC, although they did help one victim get his legal paperwork from the errant advocate. Now they have adopted an ignore policy as far as any more help is concerned.

It would seem that the Bar Association in the ROC treat abused clients with the same disdain.¹

These are the very people we look to and pay to help us get justice, but clearly their idea of justice and ours are poles apart.

Some think it acceptable to lie to their clients, ignore their clients, hide from their clients, run off with their money and paperwork, make public client confidential information. I am sorry to say that those we look to for guidance in some cases are nothing more than liars and thieves, so how is anyone to obtain justice when you cannot trust some of those who are a direct link to the court system?

I hasten to say not all are this way, but some are, how do you know which are until it is too late?

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read



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