Cybercrime | Do You Own Your Cyber ID?

Cybercrime | Do You Own Your Cyber ID?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cybercrime – Do You Own Your Cyber ID?

I often read and comment on articles carried in Cyprus Mail, the ROC publication.

I have been disturbed by some of the racist comments on there occasionally but a more disturbing development has occurred recently. One these very disturbed people has somehow managed to clone the identity and Avatar of a perfectly respectable poster.

What is disturbing is that s/he puts a link alongside his false i.d. and Avatar:

If you click on to this link you will be sickened by the ranting from this racist person who clearly hates the British.

What is disturbing is that this clone is running at the same time as the legitimate owner of the name and avatar and is “following” many sensible posters on Cyprus Mail.

Cyprus Mail and Disqus have been made aware of the situation and seem unable or unwilling to deal with this situation.

Meanwhile this person who in effect is stalking the poor owner of the identity and saying the most outrageous things in his/her name.

Surely this is a cybercrime?

Pauline Read

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