Wetherspoon Pub to Avoid - Three Magnets in Letchworth

Wetherspoon Pub to Avoid - Three Magnets in LetchworthThe Three Magnets in Letchworth is a Wetherspoon Pub to Avoid. We often eat in Wetherspoons when traveling around the UK but the Three Magnets Letchworth is not one of the better ones. This is a Wetherspoon Pub to Avoid. Here is what happened:

We went for breakfast and ordered Eggs Benedict with never ending coffee. Actually as it was cold I decided to have hot chocolate instead of coffee. Well, I couldn’t as the machine was blocked for the chocolate! I settled for coffee.

Our breakfast arrived and one of the eggs wasn’t cooked inside so I left it on the plate. When the guy came to clear the plate away, we told him and the answer was “I’ll tell the chef” and that was it, no apology nothing and so I doubt very much whether he even bothered to tell the chef.

pepper potThe salt pot I used had congealed pepper in it, obviously it hadn’t been cleaned in a long while!

We left, feeling that we would never return to the Three Magnets in Letchworth – a Wetherspoon Pub to Avoid

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