Watch Out For This Facebook Scam

Watch Out For This Facebook ScamWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Latest scam on Facebook.

You get a friend request from an existing friend telling you they are starting a new page because of a Trojan horse
attack on the old one….UNTRUE.

Here is what happened to me. This is from chat….with the troll.

For the sake of example I call the troll A. hole, not original but apt.

Of course, once I had this information, I reported it to Facebook and changed my password.

It will be interesting to see how seriously Facebook take it.

Pauline Read

Chat Conversation Start
A, hole: sorry for me resending you a friend request it is just that i got a trojan virus on my old profile so this is my new account now
Me; NO problem A hole These bloody people who attack your accounts, they make me so mad.
A. hole:Thank Pauline for accepting me okay i wonder you have heard about the good news yet
Me: What good news Mark?
A. hole: i saw your name on federal Govt & private Grant Proverty Eradication Foundation list .do you heard about them yet?
Me: Is this a joke?
A. hole: the federal Govt & private Grant Proverty Eradication Foundation set up to help people financially with money all over the world to take care of kids, buy houses, pay rents and lots more , i got £50,000 cash from them. did you get the money too?
A. hole: Am serious about this you can get your money too cause i saw your profile name and picture on the list when they came to my house to deliver me my money did you know how to contact them
Me: Is this a wind up?
A. hole: No it’s not
Me: Do tell how I contact them?
A. hole: I think you should add agent Cynthia Elizabeth Kendrick on Facebook message her you are ready to make your claim.
Me: Have you got her link?
A. hole :
Me: Thanks…got to go now.

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2 comments to Watch Out For This Facebook Scam

  • fluter

    If A Hole is a native English speaker, I will eat my hat. (or at least I would if I had one!).

  • Polly Marples

    Yes….how daft do they think we are?