Was the Russian S-200 Missile Deliberately Made to Land in North Cyprus?

Was the Russian S-200 Missile Deliberately Made to Land in North CyprusThe North Cyprus newspaper Halkın Sesi (03.07.19) reports that Arda Mevlutoglu, expert on defence policies, claims that Israel could have deliberately caused the S-200 missile to target North Cyprus. He was careful to imply that this could have been in order to avoid it targeting one of its planes.

“The question that comes to mind here is the following: Has it [the missile] really been fired against an Israeli airplane or has Israel misled the Syrian radars by creating a fake target as a result of electronic war? […] Something like this could have happened. We could not know whether Israel has deliberately secured the fall in Cyprus of the missile fired against it. However, it is almost certain that Israel did something like an electronic confusion to the Syrian radars, it created a false target. The danger of these incidents to increase exists”.

Political analyst Serdar Sement, however, implied that this was an intentional action by Israel, because of the improvement in Turkey’s relations with the US during the recent G-20 Summit. He alleged that when Turkey makes progress in its relationship with the US, Israel and the United Arab Emirates respond to reverse this progress. Sement claimed that they wanted Turkey’s disagreement with the US to turn into conflict and sanctions. Everybody saw how necessary Turkey’s taking the S-400 is, he alleged. Sement argued that the Turkish army in Mersin and Diyarbakir and their AWACS detected the missile and knew where it had been fired from.

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