Understanding North Cyprus and its Tourist Treats

Understanding North Cyprus and its Tourist TreatsUnderstanding North Cyprus and its Tourist Treats

Understanding the formation of North Cyprus is vital to appreciating the cultural and social vibrancies that are infused into this unique region. Not only is North Cyprus a revitalising getaway for any prospective tourist but it also acts as a remarkably safe haven that welcomes you with open arms. Focussing on these aspects of Northern Cyprus will hopefully inform your decision to visit this rather concealed hotspot of Europe. At the same time, however, this regions unfamiliarity with tourists also adds a charm as it remains a treasured yet unmolested territory.

Safe Haven for the Traveller

Before you arrive at your destination, it’s always worth knowing what type of environment you’re stepping into. This was articulated by President Eroglu to the people of North Cyprus in May of 2014 when he opened the ‘Let’s Do It’ campaign to encourage citizens to reflect on the importance of cleanliness in society. This social attitude of working together in unity as opposed to factionalism has developed an endurance of cooperation among the North Cypriots. This cultural identity has been forged over generations serving the country well from both a societal as well as a tourist perspective. Therefore, you can expect an immaculate modern environment should you choose to visit this island.

However, we also need to note the role of drugs in North Cyprus. After the partition of the 1970s, this land was rocked by a series of drug gangs that left a wary reluctance to visit from aspiring tourists. The use of drugs such as cocaine and stimulants spiked to such an extent that the government had to introduce reform aimed at tackling this growing problem. Luckily, these reforms have had a substantial impact. North Cyprus now has one of the lowest rates of crime per capita in Europe. The reform also extended to assisting addicts with a greater availability of treatment provision as well as fostering an increasing treatment demand. The low rate of crime is partly attributed to increasing education and the honour of close family relations and reputation. This has had a huge effect economically with more tourists likely to come and enjoy this revitalised land.

An Undiscovered Paradise

The prevailing travelling zeitgeist, at the present moment, refrains from considering North Cyprus on par with more popular destinations. Given the splendid array of natural and cultural attractions that this land enjoys, it’s curious to wonder what attracts tourists to the Spanish Costas or Hellenistic isles over the magnificence and general pulchritude of this iconic Cypriot environment. However, this touristic deficiency may actually confer a significant advantage. The popularity of tourist destinations is always directly proportional to the grievances that many people experience. Once a destination gets sullied with the epithet, ‘tourist trap’, you know something has gone wrong. Sometimes you have to go off the beaten track to find hidden gems instead of towing the fashionable tourist line.

North Cyprus is famed for its iconic beaches that hug the northern coastline. The distinction of these beaches lies in their excellence of seawater, cleanliness of sand as well as the degree of safety that one can enjoy while swimming, diving, or engaging in water sports. This is why, in 2013, they picked up a record amount of Blue Flags, again, highlighting an unexpected but delightful addition to what this island offers the tourist. One of the most resplendent examples is the Karpas Golden Beach. Here, you can take in the panorama of azure seas coupled with the long rich radiant sands. The mythology goes that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, was born at this beach, and spending an afternoon here has the effect of adding credence to this piece of folklore. The combination of stunning beaches with a reliably Mediterranean climate guarantees a memorable occasion for native and tourist alike. The safety and comfort of the beaches further reflects the institutionalisation of safety within North Cyprus at large as it continually demonstrates itself to be a viable tourist destination.

This viability also extends to the established healthcare infrastructure of North Cyprus. Currently, the government is opting for universal health insurance for every citizen, but these standards also apply to tourism. Visitors will be surprised to learn about the high standards of medical care on offer. Healthcare, like so many other parts of North Cyprus, reflects the growing sophistication in every part of its society. If you decide to visit North Cyprus in the summer months then be sure to drink an adequate amount of bottled water, or at least have it available for your journey. If you find yourself falling ill, be aware that most prescription drugs can be purchased over the counter. Understanding these factors should further reassure you on your visit to this spectacular piece of territory.

The paradox about North Cyprus is that its relatively untouched environment is reason to visit but yet an oversupply of visitors to a region tends to darken reputations. What’s required is a sensible tourism policy that celebrates many of the factors outlined here, while promoting the best parts of the land; while avoiding the transformation into a tourist trap which would otherwise sully its reputation.

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