A Healthy Holiday | Why a Trip to North Cyprus Can be Good for Your Body


Why A Trip to North Cyprus Can be Good for Your BodyA Healthy Holiday: Why a Trip to North Cyprus Can be Good for Your Body


A holiday is supposed to be relaxing, but what would you say to it being good for your health too? While a break away from the daily grind and polluted cities will do most people some good, a trip to North Cyprus could see you going home a healthier person all round. Why is that you ask? Well, it is down to a number of different factors. The healthy Mediterranean food is one of the reasons of course, as are the variety of physical activities that can be readily enjoyed in the region. While some of these activities are definite fat burners, others will leave you with a feeling of complete revitalisation. To add to that, the comfortable climate means you’ll be spending as much time as possible out in the fresh open air. Read on to find out exactly what makes a trip to North Cyprus a healthy choice when it comes to holidaying.

Dive into Some Delectable CuisineDive into Some Delectable Cuisine

When it comes to food, the local North Cypriots know exactly what they are doing. The dishes on offer here are classic Mediterranean cuisine, and when you eat here you’ll be consuming meals with rich flavours that contain only natural ingredients. There are so make distinctive dishes that it would be impossible to write about them all here, so you’ll have to just go and try as many as you can! To begin a meal, choose a selection of meze dishes to whet your appetite. These are small dishes which act as a starter but can be eaten as snacks anytime of the day. Things like seasoned yogurt with toasted pitta bread, lightly grilled halloumi cheese, and olive oil soaked green olives make up a few of these meze dishes. When it comes of a main course, fresh fish is almost always on the menu wherever you are in North Cyprus, healthily grilled and seasoned for an excellent taste. Expect crispy salads and nourishing vegetables to be served on the side, with onion, tomatoes, and a squeeze of zesty lemon juice.

Test Your Legs with Tremendous HikingTest Your Legs with Tremendous Hiking

Taking to the hills or hugging the coastline to explore the often unvisited areas of North Cyprus is an excellent way to spend your days in Europe’s best kept hiking secret. North Cyprus really can be considered a hiker’s paradise, with an unspoilt coastline that stretches for over a hundred miles. The main difference North Cyprus has when compared to other Mediterranean countries is that there are not so many high rise hotels or new developments popping up all along its coastline, so spectacular uninterrupted views can be enjoyed here. One trail that is especially popular with hikers is the 143-mile route that runs along the invisible line separating the expansive coast from the arid interior. It runs through the Kyrenia Mountains, with tall pine trees and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea visible on one side, and the yellow Mesaoria plain on the other. To arrange a tour for your hiking experience, the Riverside Garden Resort arranges guided tours at a reasonable rate.

Renew your Mind and Body through Yoga and Meditation

While some people may think that yoga and meditation is something best left to hippies and alike, they are sadly mistaken. The health benefits associated with these two activities, which are closely linked, have now been widely documented and as such are recommended by health professionals. While North Cyprus may not be renowned for yoga or meditation, that is not to say that you cannot take part in these revitalising activities while holidaying here. For one of the best yoga and meditation experiences in the country, try visiting the Vaha Spa in Kyrenia. Here you will be immersed in a tranquil environment where relaxation and pampering are at the top of the agenda. Take a yoga class to see how flexible you are and give your body an all-round stretch, then try a meditation session to reach a deep level of physical relaxation and give those tense muscles a well-deserved break.

It’s Time to Feel Better

As you can see, a holiday in North Cyprus has the potential to have a profound effect on the health of your body and mind. Get rid of those lazy ideas of lounging by the pool all day, or propping up the side of the bar sipping cocktails. Give your body a real break, and do something that it will thank you for.

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