Turkey Proposes Sovereign Base in North Cyprus Similar to British in the South

Turkey Proposes Sovereign Base in North Cyprus Similar to British in the SouthAccording to the Turkish daily Yeni Safah (14.06.19) the Turkish Naval Forces propose the “establishment of sovereign bases” in North Cyprus similar to the British bases in the South. They argue that naval bases need to be located in an appropriate place, with the aim to strengthening the positions of Turkey and North Cyprus at the Cyprus negotiation talks. They also point to the latest developments in the Eastern Mediterranean that require the Turkish fleet to protect the Fatih drilling ship and the Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa, they argue.

According to LCGNews, the naval base will supposedly be 280,000 acres in area, covering about a third of the entire area of North Cyprus. It will house national surveillance long range radars, missile systems. Naval base will have capacity enough to harbour LHD, Frigates, Corvettes and other auxiliary units. Is this beginning to smell fishy to you?

As reported yesterday in the NCFP article, Geçitkale Airport Set to Reopen, it is planned for Geçitkale to open as an air base and at the same time the plans for the establishment for a Turkish naval base in North Cyprus are about to the completed. The paper adds that Turkey, providing as an excuse the war in Syria, has increased its military presence in all countries:

“Among the issues being discussed during the military delegation’s visit to the island was the issue of the establishment of air bases. It is obvious that the airfield at Geçitkale airport, is unserviceable and that efforts are exerted for Geçitkale airfield to become serviceable in order to be able to meet the needs of the Turkish troops in the area aiming to provide security in the region. Even though Geçitkale was used in the past as an airfield for the landing of Turkish Stars and other military planes, now it is closed”.

Source: https://www.yenisafak.com/dunya/hava-ussu-gecitkale-3494774

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