The Two Cyprus Presidents Met On Friday And Agreed Nothing

The Two Cyprus Presidents Met On Friday And Agreed NothingWhen the two Cyprus Presidents met on Friday it was, in effect, to agree that a solution to the 40 year Cyprus Problem will not be solved in the near future, if ever.

Two years ago when Presidents Demetris Christofias and Mehmet Ali Talat met we were told that, in relation to the governance chapter, convergences had been achieved but now we are being told they have not as is the case for the property chapter because of deadlock over who would have the first rights on property, owner or user.

Let’s face it, there is not going to be enough agreement to put together a referendum which would not be laughed at and rejected by both sides. Forecasts of when the deal will be ready have been widely inaccurate; a deal before the end of 2015, then by March 2016, then that the May parliamentary elections would be cancelled because there would be a referendum and now we hear that there might be a solution before the end of of the year. Do you believe that?

All we hear about the talks now is that we cannot be allowed to learn what is happening because, I believe, both sides would be embarrassed to be shown to have achieved very little. They don’t want us to realise is that, what is obvious to those who have watched the lack of progress in the talks since the south rejected the only chance of a solution, the two sides CANNOT agree. What a mess!

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20 comments to The Two Cyprus Presidents Met On Friday And Agreed Nothing

  • Ian Edwards

    Greeks in general, and GCs in particular, take the word ‘intransigence’ to a whole new level of meaning. Of course there will be no agreement, and therefore no settlement.

    What needs to be done now is for the TRNC to be granted EU status equal to that of southern Cyprus, so TCs are no longer penalised for something that was not of their making.

    It’s way past time for the stupidity that originated in 2004 to be rectified.

  • Miltiades

    Your own stupidity far exceeds that of AM.
    You stupid clown !

  • Miltiades

    Dom, Cyprus has ONE President, the mickey mouse “state” created by Turkey is NOT a recognized legal entity. Were you born stupid or did you obtain a degree in scatology ?

  • Miltiades

    [shush reason=”an embarrassment to decent Greek Cypriots”]BREAKING NEWS:
    For the attention of the lowly educated simpletons, ie the Cheapskates.

    It seems that only the lower classes, ex council estate tenants, morons such as the old dried up prune, ie Polly, Dom the pretend journalist, Ian the Aussie clown, Focker and a few other morons have thus far recognized the make belief “trnc”.[/shush]

  • Ian Edwards

    Hey Yiannis, instead of regurgitating your usual nonsense, why not stand up on your hind legs and tell us whether YOU think there will be a settlement.

    And if so, when exactly.

  • AM

    Milti you complete bone head… Can I remind you that a large amount of British working class people are or have been council house tenant’s.
    Honest people who have worked hard all their lives to try and earn a living and keep a roof over their families heads.

    You know….the very same people who welcomed your sorry arse to the UK 60 yrs ago and gave you a place to live.

    I would suggest you apologise to the hard working British people and in future take a little more care what comes out of that potty mouth of yours.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Miltiades

    Ian I will answer your question but first would you kindly and honestly answer this.
    Would you or anyone else accept Turkey as the guarantor of your respective countries territorial integrity, freedom of speech, freedom of your media, how would you feel if Turkey, a progressively islamitized nation, was given the right to intervene in your country, the right to dictate either your foreign or internal policies. Would Turkey be welcomed in your respective countries ? Europeans do not want Turkey because Turkey is and always will be a totalitarian regime, curtailing by force freedom of speech, rejecting the rights of its own substantial Kurdish minority.
    Ask your selves if your countries would accept Turkey to be the protector of your human rights, your western culture and freedoms. Answer honestly and I shall tell you if I think a solution is likely or not.

  • AM

    You haven’t set foot on Cyprus for over 60 yrs you massive big plonker,.. let the proper Cypriots decide which way the country jumps,… if it were left to you it would be 1963 here we come. 🙂

  • Miltiades

    I visit, and have been visiting Cyprus on at least 8-10 times a year.I have a daughter that lives in Cyprus and has given me 3 grandchildren, My closeness to Cyprus is beyond question.

    I have my own residence, I have a Cypriot ID and not a day goes by that Cyprus is not in my thoughts.


  • Ian Edwards

    You still haven’t answered my question, Yiannis, and mine was first.

    By the way, does your daughter live in the north or the south?

  • Miltiades

    Are you taking the P ?
    My family lives in the RoC.
    Let me then answer your question.
    For as long as Turkey maintains her stand on retaining guarantor rights over the island, no Cypriot would ever contemplate accepting such a ludicrous proposal.

    Turkey is an Islamic nation, progressively more of recent, Cyprus is Not.
    No Christian nation anywhere on earth would ever agree to an Islamic nation given guarantor rights.

    By the way we do not subscribe to FGM neither do we subscribe to honour killings, forced marriages.

    ” Turkish Girl Buried Alive For Talking To Boys”

    Are you serious ?

  • vincehugo

    “For as long as Turkey maintains her stand on retaining guarantor rights over the island, no Cypriot would ever contemplate accepting such a ludicrous proposal.”

    As I recall, in 2004 quite a lot of Cypriots did a bit more than contemplate it – in fact 24% of Greek Cypriots and 65% of Turkish Cypriots were prepared to accept it.

  • Miltiades

    We have a democratic system didn’t you know?
    The AP was overwhelmingly rejected by the G/Cs, quite right too.
    I do of course take into account that democratic principles are selectively applied !!

  • vincehugo

    “no Cypriot would ever contemplate”. You just love your sweeping statements, don’t you.

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, are you actually able to understand fairly simple English? I have now asked you twice to tell us if you think there will ever be a settlement, and if so, when.

    Do you think it possible you may be able to give a simple, straightforward answer, or will you once again resort to your standard, boring, mindless repetition?

  • Miltiades

    My own opinion is that there will not be a solution any time soon.

    As much as I would like to see a solution acceptable to all Cypriots I fear that any proposal put to the G/Cs in a referendum that accords Turkey ” guarantor” rights will be overwhelmingly rejected.
    The property issue can be resolved I feel in a manner that most would find accommodating.

    I have previously stated that my ambition is to see a T/C as the president of all of Cyprus, a president whose pan Cyprian party elected as its leader. A rotating presidency in any other fashion resonates the division and not the unification of Cyprus.

  • Ian Edwards


    Reasonable, non-inflammatory and no grammatical errors!

    From what source did you paste it?

  • Miltiades

    Its called Wise !! You clown !!

  • AM

    Well Milti, I read your post then I had to read it again…

    I think that is the first time I have ever read a sincere post from yourself,… now lets move forward with more of this kind of stuff.

    Well done Milti….see you can do it when you try.. 🙂

  • Miltiades

    My views on the Cyprob are well documented both here and to a greater extend on the Cyprus Forum.

    Some may ask why is it that I have an ambition to see a T/C as president of a united Cyprus, my response is simple.

    Should there be a time when all Cypriots embrace Cyprus as their true homeland and should a political party evolve embracing G/Cs, T/Cs, Armenians and others, that will be the time when a truly united Cyprus emerges.In the UK all political parties contain “ethnicities” other than English, ie Scots, Welsh, Irish, Asians, Blacks and even Cypriots!!