1000-1 Odds On There Not Being a Cyprus Solution

1000-1 Odds On There Not Being a Cyprus SolutionPunters have been offered 1000-1 odds that there will be a solution to the Cyprus Problem! These odds were offered by Alper Ali Riza who is a Queen’s Counsel and part time judge in the UK. He did however make clear that these odds would only apply if a Greek Cypriot majority were to vote ‘Yes’ in a referendum which contained the institutional design of a rotating presidency.

But what odds would he offer of there being an overall positive referendum vote in 2016 or even 2017? What are the highest odds that you would offer?

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1 comment to 1000-1 Odds On There Being a Cyprus Solution

  • AM

    Does any sensible thinking person on this planet think there will be a solution ?
    There are only the EU big wigs and the UN who think so ….but they are not senible thinking people are they really ?.