New Book | The Quiet Way | by Robin Melhuish

New Book | The Quiet Way | by Robin MelhuishNew Book – The Quiet Way by Robin Melhuish

A novel about the discovery of a terrorist plan to detonate 30 tons of either in Britain. No one knows where, or when. A beak-in at a research facility in North West England complicates the scene. DCI Hanks is sorely tried in the race against the odds to prevent the unthinkable. The conflicts of modern Britain under the spotlight, racism, political correctness and the laughable pampering to idiocy, all Hindering the investigators’ progress and leading to a final conflict of conscience. The question of justice or revenge, or are they the same thing? A taut analysis of current virology and the defence of nations, which will leave you wondering where the next flu epidemic really came from.


It wasn’t until I’d finished writing this book that I discovered the following which almost makes a mockery of the fiction.

Bush, Cheney, & Rumsfeld are involved in the Project for a New American Century which published its

‘Rebuilding America’s Defences’

in that paper it states

‘the art of warfare will be vastly different…advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool’

Seen the news? SARS (Severe Asian Respiratory Syndrome and more recently MERS in Mecca? (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.)?

Just asking the question, no cause for alarm, is there?

Price £17.95 plus pp, available from

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