South Bans Turkish Airline Euro 2016 TV Adverts

South Bans Turkish Airline Euro 2016 TV AdvertsSports journalist Georgios Kyprianou said that the South’s Foreign Ministry has decided to block Turkish Airlines adverts when they are shown during the Euro 2016 games. He said that there was no chance of Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC), partly owned by the South’s government, having to pay any compensation when they did so.

“The commercials of Turkish Airlines will not be shown during the live broadcasts of the Euro 2016 games. But reports that we run the risk of libelous action are totally untrue. We have been handed written exemption from UEFA [Europe’s governing body for football], the CAII [tournament rights distributor] and the EBU [European Broadcasting Union].”

“We are also not the only country to ask for such an exemption. Armenia have also requested and received special exemption from UEFA.”

When he was asked asked for the reason for the Turkish Airlines blackout, Kyprianou replied,

“The reasons were mostly legal but also political. We made the decision under the guidance of the Foreign Ministry as well as the government spokesperson [Nicos Christodoulides].”

No comment!

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2 comments to South Bans Turkish Airline Euro 2016 TV Adverts

  • fluter

    Same old infantile behaviour. Does anybody really believe it will ever change?

  • cyprusishome

    Would prove interesting, blocking the adverts that are continually popping up on the hoardings at the side of pitch!!!!!