Lefkosia Does Not Want Expensive Turkish Water

Lefkosia Does Not Want Expensive Turkish WaterThe Halkin Sesi newspaper (09.06.16) reported that the city council of the Lefkosia Turkish municipality had rejected using water transferred from Turkey. Rather than rejecting it for the sensible reason that supply from Turkey could not be relied upon, the city council rejected being involved in the water distribution project because the Turkish water would be sold for 2.30 Turkish lira a ton, and that was only during the transition period. The Lefkosia mayor, Mehmet Harmanci, who did not participate in the voting, stated that this decision would send a message to the officials involved in the project to re-evaluate setting such a high price for the water.

Unfortunately, once private businesses take over the distribution and storage of the water in the north, it is difficult to say where else Lefkosia will be getting their water from.

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