Six Years On Laura The Laptop Is Still In Girne Police Custody

Six Years On Laura The Laptop Is Still In Girne Police CustodyIncredible though it seems, it is now six years to the day since poor Laura the laptop was seized from her home and thrown into Girne nick for an alleged crime there were never any charges for. Even more incredible, and despite many attempts to secure her release she is still in the possession of Girne Police…well if you believe she has not already been given away as a present to someone.

Do read the blog of below which gives chapter and verse on the shameful act by the Police in Girne, north Cyprus.

There has never been any doubt in my mind that this was yet another act of intimidation designed to ‘shut me up’ and you can see how well that worked.

This is what appeared on Cyprus 44 a north Cyprus forum on the day of the alleged violation of my Human Rights.

What you may not know is that in the 4 Libel cases, Akfinans Bank Limited allegedly produced a police witness to give evidence gleaned, they say, from Laura the Laptop. Close your mouth, yes I know, my jaw dropped too when I was told this. Another example of how the ‘bank’ will stop at nothing in the attempt to justify the unjustifiable. That they had access to so called evidence in police custody in a totally ‘unrelated’ case just shows how JUSTICE is administered in the TRNC.

Why I was at all surprised does surprise me since the bank allegedly had access to all information held on me at the Ministry of the Interior witnessed by the fact that the bank owner made a trip to Worcester City Police Station in the UK. I guess who you are, how much money you have and who you are related to opens all doors in the TRNC but not I am pleased to say, in the City of Worcester.

So to Laura the Laptop I say “Happy Anniversary” wherever you are. I very much doubt it is in the evidence room
at Girne Police Station, TRNC.

Pauline Read

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