FaceBook Bans Pauline Read Yet Again

FaceBook Bans Pauline Read Yet AgainSo many of your will recall the entire Hate page group set up to harass me when I lived in the TRNC. Facebook condoned it by refusing to remove it despite many complaints, not least by myself who was the target of this group. They felt it did not violate their rules. Odd that they think it is okay to harass a then 69 year pensioner.


The group garnered over 5000 members by using false avatars and names of glamorous women and invited Turks and Turkish Cypriots to join this group. Very few spoke English and only a handful of members actually knew me. Facebook only had to do the most cursory checks to confirm this, but decided not to. Instead they allowed the group to continue and for all I know it still could exist, it changed its status to SECRET.

This morning Facebook blocked me for three days and told me:


So what, you may ask, was so offensive that someone could report it, be taken seriously and culminate in my being blocked.

It was a cartoon of a man who had had his penis tied in knots by a clown…a carton mind you….not even a real penis.

Now I ask you, which is the most harmful…hatred by the bucket load or a harmless cartoon joke? Rhetorical question.

What makes it worse is that the self same cartoon was all over Facebook and certainly not something I can claim credit for the origin of.

Facebook….get real.

Pauline Read

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11 comments to FaceBook Bans Pauline Read Yet Again

  • Polly Marples

    Mr Editor. Is it possible you could share this to Pauline’s facebook page as she is unable to for the next 2 days and 22 hours lol.

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline has had so many inboxes asking questions and expressing their support. She would love to reply to them….BUT…although she is seeing these messages, fb. are not allowing her to reply to them…crackers.

    Never mind she’ll be back when she has served her time.

  • Polly Marples


    This is what earned Pauline a 3 day ban on facebook and it is still on there on other people’s pages which proves some evil bastard reported her.

  • Miltiades

    Any plans in returning to the northern occupied parts of Cyprus in the near ….future!!!
    You lost soul!!

  • Polly Marples

    No Pauline has no such plans, she is content in her new home by the sea in Kent,naturally she misses Agile, but thank you for asking. She has now finished all the changes in her little bungalow and now has is exactly as she wants it.

    How are you Yannis?

  • Miltiades

    Pauline, since you asked, I’m planning my return to Paradise Island just as soon as my house is sold. Unfortunately, as you are well aware, the Brexit vote has deprived me of a great deal of money as a result of the almost collapse of Sterling, well never mind at least our NHS IS …BETTER OF BY 350 MILLION stg A WEEK AND NOT ONLY THAT WE NOW HAVE OUR …COUNTRY BACK AND ALSO HAVE A BLOODY CLOWN AS A FOREIGH SECRETARY.
    You supported Brexit and so did the overwhelming majority of geriatrics and council tenants !!!

    Keep well and keep supporting the on going occupation of my birth country’s northern parts, occupied by the worlds ….finest …democracy!!!!

  • Polly Marples

    Oh dear Yannis, no bitterness there then

    Whatever you do, I hope you have an enjoyable time in however much longer you have left.

    Take care.

  • NCFP Admin

    I have posted the article on FaceBook 🙂

  • Miltiades

    Thanks Pauline. May I however state clearly that your sort and others sharing your views on the occupation of the northern parts of my birth country, rejoicing at the fact that Turkey invaded MY Country, and your continued support of the occupiers, ie the Great ….Democratic Third world Islamist state, does not in any way prompt me to have anything nice to say to you. By the way, there is no such legal entity as ” south Cyprus” it is legally and internationally known as the Republic of Cyprus. Cheapskates and low down ignorant peasants ARE the ones who refer to Cyprus as either south or north.

    I do not feel sorry for your tribulations, you brought them upon your self so live with it woman.

  • Polly Marples

    How sad, even with death tapping you on the shoulder, you are still bitter.

    I feel sorry for you, you are the author of your own unhappiness.

    Death is a great leveller.

  • Miltiades

    You are right I feel bitter, bitter about a third world country is occupying a part of my birth country, bitter that “fake” English such as you and the rest of the cheapskates are overjoyed at the continued occupation. Angry that peasants rushed in to the occupied parts for purely financial ulterior motives.

    By the way, death comes to us all, born a Christian and follow Christian events, christenings, weddings etc etc, but unlike you I do NOT believe in a creator, there is no god only a god created by stone age man. I believe in humanity, in fairness and justice and sooner or later there will be justice in Cyprus. When are you going back by the way !!!