Pauline Tells Worcester City Police of Safety Concerns

Pauline Tells Worcester City Police of Safety ConcernsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

It may seem odd but today I felt compelled to write to the Worcester City Police and let them know of my fears regarding Ertug Kader’s two complaints against me. Not the complaints themselves, they are without foundation and obviously made to frighten me.

I do not know if now that they know Agile has passed and thus think I will be more susceptible to such intimidation. Strangely, the one who was more frightened was Agile and with good reason. After all it was his agility in jumping out of the path of the speeding car that earned him the nickname Agile. In any event, the police are now aware of my concerns for my safety and I have taken the precaution of sending copies of this epistle to the police to 3 of my friends and my solicitor.

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I wonder how much longer K5 will have to wait for the outcome of the Appeal to be known, we are now going beyond the 5 months it took to get the result of the injunction appeal which is the only yardstick I have.

Never give in , never give up.

Pauline Read

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2 comments to Pauline Tells Worcester City Police of Safety Concerns

  • Polly Marples

    After sending this yesterday….Pauline received another call from the Worcester City Police asking her for her date of birth. Since she has nothing to hide, she has given it to them. It did give her a further opportunity to ask questions. It was confirmed that Mr Kader was complaining about photos of her villa appearing on the internet. Well of course, I am not legal expert, but since she bought the villa and since the lower court has ordered all the villas at K5 be put back on to their original deeds (kocans) because the mortgage ergo the auction were fraudulent…Pauline has every right to publish photos of her villa, providing the photos were taken by her and her agents. Just my take on the situation. Indeed every photo published is already in the public domain.

    The police further confirmed they will not be investigating and have advised both her and Mr Kader that it is a CIVIL case and to await the outcome of the Appeal. Sounds about right to me.

    I think she was very wise apprising the police of her fears in writing and the Worcester City Police person appeared to agree with her, even advising her to let her local constabulary know of the situation too.

  • fluter

    I have to agree with your last sentence Pauline.

    Keep on standing up to these evil people.

    The whole TRNC Government should hold its head in shame. However, I doubt they know the meaning of the word.