North Cyprus Akfinans Bank enlists Akan Kursat in fight against truth

In the Kibris newspaper on Tuesday there was an excellent article on the happenings at our home on the previous Friday evening; a factual account of the break in and the vehicular attack on Chris. We have all read in Cyprus Today of the counter claim by Akan Kursat that Chris attacked one of the men with a baseball bat. A claim that has surfaced some four days after it allegedly took place and intended, it would seem, to establish a reason why the car was driven at Chris at speed. If this is their argument then they are lucky they are not in the UK where you are only allowed to use reasonable force to defend yourself. I would argue that if someone threatened a car with a baseball bat and the response was to drive at the attacker at speed, this would not be seen as reasonable. Surely if you were being attacked by a banshee wielding a baseball bat you would, as a legally trained professional, advise the driver to drive away from the attacker NOT at him.

Of course all the above is hypothetical as Chris did not have a baseball bat, or any other weapon, he did not attack anyone and owes his life to being agile enough to jump out of the way of the speeding car. I am assuming that because Akan Kursat is giving these statements to the press, he was indeed the third member of the group who broke into my house. I know the property market is dormant but it is sad to see a legally trained man being reduced to moonlighting as a bailiff – times must be hard.

On Wednesday Akan Kursat faxed a reply to Kibris and that reply was printed without reference to me to check whether the facts given out in the public domain were true. They are not. Akan Kursat has a right to reply, I would defend that right. He also has an obligation to tell the truth. I wonder if he is prepared to lie in court?

Akan Kursat, I have not received the £120,000 awarded to me by the Court in my successful Breach of Contract action, but then you know that, I told you when I met you in your office during the meeting on the 23rd July 2010, just a few days ago. You suggest in your article that I left the house in Karşiyaka ages before the auction and that this was because I had received the money. Again, not true, I told you of the damp and the poor structural condition of my house and explained that this was the reason I left THREE WEEKS before the auction. This is all to turn the Turkish Cypriot people against me and to paint me as a delusional greedy woman.

For your information Akan Kursat, I suffer from extensive bronchiectasis in both lungs following a particularly virulent disease called pericarditis, This condition is permanent and life threatening. The spores being produced by the damp due to water penetration following the heavy winter rains made me aware that the conditions in the house were causing me problems. I was having difficulty in breathing. The structural deterioration was also a worry.

I have not received one penny of the award and do not know when or even if I ever will. In theory I should, in practice, especially here, but who knows. I do have a further court date when hopefully permission will be given to enforce the court order. What your actions have achieved is the cementing of my resolve to continue with this fight in assisting my neighbours financially and in any other way to legally challenge Akfinans Bank Limited’s disgusting action in mortgaging then auctioning our properties, including any other tricks you may have up your sleeve, all the way to the European Court if necessary, REGARDLESS of whether I ever receive the £120,000 the court awarded me. You see Akan Kursat, I have a heart but you and the owners of Akfinans Bank Limited, do not. I pity you.

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