Pauline's Opinion - Happy New Year?


Another year has gone by. Another year spent in the United Kingdom whilst the bank enjoy living in my villa. Another year to add to the other 4 years plus they have had illegal possession of my villa, in my opinion.

I bought my villa in September 2005, took delivery in May 2006, this means the bank have had the use of it for longer than I did. How unfair is that? How ironic is that? Only in the TRNC where the police act only when told to, and justice is totally random.

Akfinans Bank took possession of my villa on the 30th July 2010, without a court order and have been allowed to keep it. Who says ‘crime does not pay?’ Let’s not even mention their putting it into the name of one of the bank owner’s wife’s father, because such a contemptible act is not worth mentioning. Clearly cosmetic since it is used by the bank family regularly.

So what will 2016 bring for me and also for my neighbours? There is a huge difference of course. My neighbours, the other members of the so called Kulasksiz 5, named after the development and not the number of people affected. Indeed the group started as 9 villa owners, totaling 15 people, but sadly one of those has died, and the husband of one of the remaining owners also died just shortly before we embarked on legal action. The difference being that with the exception of one neighbour, all the others still have their property in their possession and have enjoyed the use of it during the time of their ownership.

My villa

Of course they have been threatened with eviction, but it has not actually happened, so although it is a very trying time for them, they have at least had the consolation of being able to use their property, whether to live in, to holiday in, or to let. They of course do not approve of how vociferous I have been from day one, but there are many who believe it is my very vociferousness that has stopped the bank walking in and doing to them exactly what they did to me and Eva McCluskey.

Well 2016 beckons. The Appeal that was due in October 2015 is now set to take place on the 29th January 2016.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this Appeal is. If we lose, then we were promised the ECHR by our advocate way back in 2010. If we win, then all we will have achieved will be to put the land back in the name of the landowner as ordered by Judge Usar in his ruling of the 4th December 2014. Either way, it looks like more expense and many more years in litigation. Good innit?

Happy New Year everyone.

Pauline Ann Read

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21 comments to Pauline’s Opinion – Happy New Year?

  • Polly Marples

    Oh dear..this needs sorting.

  • Jerry

    Only four years, consider yourself lucky, our house has been illegally occupied for 41 years.

  • AM

    The way your hideous leader Makarios and now his love child Chrystosserthomas continue to treat and persecute the TC’s you will probably not see your property for another 41 years….. if ever at all.

  • Miltiades

    ” continue to treat and persecute the TC’s ”
    Dont you mean the way Turkey …..

  • AM

    In a speech on 4 September 1962, at Panayia, Makarios said “Until this Turkish community forming part of the Turkish race which has been the terrible enemy of Hellenism is expelled, the duty of the heroes of EOKA[113] can never be considered as terminated.” It would be difficult to imagine a more vindictive, racist, policy than this. It is also a Greek expansionist policy—the very charge which the Greek Cypriots laid against Turkey when Turkey intervened twelve years later to put an end to it.
    George Ball[114] quotes Adlai Stevenson as saying that Makarios, was “a wicked, unreliable conniver, who concealed his venality under the sanctimonious vestments of a religious leader” and comments that “In the years I had known Adlai I had never heard him speak of anyone with such vitriol.”
    Article 173 of the Cyprus Constitution provided for separate municipalities for Turkish Cypriots in the five main towns. The Greek Cypriots refused to obey this mandatory provision and in order to encourage them to do so the Turkish Cypriots said they would not vote for some of the Government’s taxation proposals. The Greek Cypriots remained intransigent, so the Turkish Cypriots took the matter to the Supreme Constitutional Court of Cyprus. The court comprised one Greek Cypriot judge, one Turkish Cypriot judge, and a neutral President.
    In February 1963 Archbishop Makarios declared on behalf of the Greek Cypriots that if the Court ruled against them they would ignore it[115] On 25 April 1963 the Court did rule against them[116] and they did ignore it. The President of the Court (a German citizen) resigned and the rule of law in Cyprus collapsed.

    And the same would happen again,… mark my words.

  • Miltiades

    Britain WAS responsible TOTALLY, DEVIDE AND RULE was the British policy in Cyprus just as it was in every other country which, against the will of the people, Britain occupied and ruled with an iron fist causing the death of millions.

    “History of Cyprus since 1878”

    Cyprus was part of the British Empire, as a Military occupation from 1914–1925, and a Crown colony from 1925–1960. Cyprus became an independent nation in 1960.

    The first Briton who was placed in charge of the administration was given the title of “High Commissioner” and was Lieutenant-General Sir Garnet Joseph Wolseley (1833–1913). The British faced a major political problem on the island. The indigenous Cypriots believed it their natural right to unite the island with Greece following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The British authorities carried out the first census in 1881, the total population of Cyprus was 186,173, of whom 137,631 (73,9%) were Greeks, 45,438 (24,4%) were Turks and 3,084 (1,7%) were minorities of Maronites, Latins and Armenians.[2] Bishop of Kitium Kyprianos addressed Sir Garnet Joseph Wolseley upon his arrival in Larnaca in a speech on the 22nd of July 1878 saying “We (Greeks) accept the change of the government, because we believe that Great Britain will eventually help Cyprus, just like with the Ionian islands, unite Cyprus with mother Greece.

    Greek Cypriots believed the circumstances were right to demand union of the island with Greece (enosis), as many of the Aegean and Ionian islands had done following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. In the years that followed, Greek Cypriots’ demands for enosis (union with Greece), which the British opposed, developed rapidly during the 1930s, leading to the destruction of the Government House in Nicosia, which was burnt down in Greek Cypriot riots of 1931.

    The period between October 1931 and October 1940 proved to be a very difficult one for the Cypriots. The Governor at the time, Sir Richmond Palmer, took a number of suppressive measures including limitations on the administration and functioning of Greek schools, and prohibition of trade unions and associations of any kind and form. This regime became known as “Palmerokratia”, named after the Governor. Its aim was to prevent local public interest in politics. There were strong protests against the regime but the suppressive measures were not lifted until the beginning of the Second World War, during which more than thirty thousand Cypriots joined the British armed forces.

    Mate, learn a little of the history of Cyprus and the make fing stupid comments such as the ones you persist in making.
    The British FOOCKED IT UP, just as they did elsewhere in the worl, but of course the gullible British public accepted the bulllshit given to them by successive imperialist governments.

  • Miltiades

    “On April 13, 1919, thousands of peaceful protesters defied a government order and demonstrated against British rule in Amritsar, India. Men, women, and children all descended on the walled Jallianwala Gardens, hoping to make their voices heard. What happened next was one of the lowest points in British history.

    At 4.30pm, troops blocked the exits to the Garden and opened fire on the crowd. They kept firing until they ran out of ammunition. In the space of ten minutes, they killed between 379 and 1,000 protesters and injured another 1,100. A stampede caused a lethal crush by the blocked exits. Over 100 women and children who looked for safety in a well drowned. Rifle fire tore the rest to shreds.

    When the news reached London, Parliament was so shocked it recalled the man who ordered the massacre, Brigadier Reginald Dyer. In a depressing twist of fate, the British public labeled him a hero and raised £26,000 (around $900,000 in today’s money) for “the man who saved India.” He died peacefully, convinced right to the end that his mindless slaughter had been morally justifiable.

    Just one tiny example of how … wonderful the British were, how dare you ignorant stupid man compare Makarios with those that caused the death and torture of millions.
    Shut it now and carry on watching Eastenders , Coronation street and other such garbage that you are provided with.

  • AM

    Talking of printing BS Milti,…. lets try talking about the period from 1957-1974.

    I know you “head up your arse” GC’s don’t really want to talk about this period ?

  • Cyprus Sue


    surely if you need to go to the ECHR you would use a British Lawyer?

  • Polly Marples

    Yes Sue, she will. At least that way, she will be kept informed.

    In many ways she hopes that will be the outcome.

  • Miltiades

    ” lets try talking about the period from 1957-1974.”

    Care to tell us what happened, Stupid!!

  • AM

    I think the situation the island is in at the moment might be a bit of a clue for you,… don’t you think ?

    But then again…..oh why bother.

  • Al mac

    Hi Pauline
    Been a while since we seen you.
    Sorry to see your still fighting for your rights
    Drop me a email with contact details we can maybe
    Meet up,or you can come down to Somerset.
    Alan & rosemary(karsiyaka)

  • Cyprus Sue

    Not enough justice is witnessed in Cyprus – North or South when it comes to property disputes. It’s good to know that in some cases having the hearing transferred to another country can be beneficial and takes away the nepotism, cronyism. transparency and corruption that is evident within the Cyprus judicial system.The following case is to be heard in a local British Court and whilst the immunity card is frequently used in Cyprus it will be interesting to hear how this case unfolds and whether this option will be used by others? Anyone got more information on this? Another Oram’s?

    “A local British court has blocked a number of Turkish bank accounts, including those of Turkish diplomats in the country, over another court’s decision taken by Greek Cypriots, spurring Ankara to launch diplomatic efforts against the court order on the grounds it was against the Vienna convention on consular relations.

    Seven Greek Cypriot citizens filed a property case against Turkey and asked Britain to implement the rule of Greek Cypriot courts. A local British court blocked some bank accounts, including those of diplomats from the Turkish Embassy.

    Ankara had summoned the British ambassador in Ankara last week after the Turkish diplomats’ bank accounts were blocked, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç said on Jan. 8, adding that a similar initiative had been launched by the Turkish embassy in London.

    Bilgiç said Ankara conveyed to British authorities that the move was against the Vienna convention and the order hindered the work of Turkey’s diplomatic and consular missions in Britain.

    “It’s unacceptable. We have launched an official process to object. We expect the lifting of the court orders on these accounts,” he said.

    The spokesperson also stressed that the decision could harm the “positive environment” of the ongoing reunification talks between Turkish and Greek Cypriots.

  • Miltiades

    ” Bilgiç said Ankara conveyed to British authorities that the move was against the Vienna convention”

    Hilarious !! Since when did Turkey abide by the Vienna convention or any other convention for that matter. It illegally occupies a part of Cyprus ignoring all conventions and in the process continues to spout out nonsense. The only people taken in by this nation are the cheapskates.

  • AM

    Turkey do not illegally occupy the TRNC…fact.
    There was an intervention in 1974 legally allowed by Turkey’s guarantor powers on the island like it or not.
    There is a fully elected democratic government in North Cyprus run by Turkish Cypriots for Turkish Cypriots so get it through your thick head that is the situation as it stands… like it or not… tough.

  • Miltiades

    I was right all along to call you ” FAR TOO STUPID” to debate anything other than the art of wiping your rear!

  • AM

    You don’t like when people have a different view to yours …do you Milti ?

    It must be deeply ingrained in the GC dna,… Pig headed and contrary.

    If only the Cyprob was as simple as you suggest the whole thing would have been sorted 40 yrs ago don’t you think ?

  • Ian Edwards

    Hi Yiannis…you still there?

    As I know how interested you are in all things TRNC, let me tell you that today is calm, the air is fresh and clear and the sea is a brilliant shade of blue. My citrus trees are full and the others are waiting for spring. I think I’ll go down and sit in the sun and read for a while….

    But don’t worry, you just keep on expending all that emotional energy on what happened 40 years ago…I’m sure it’ll do some good somewhere, sometime……

  • Miltiades

    No doubt your villa is built on land stolen from its rightful owners.
    Don’t worry, all good things come to en end, The Orams come to mind!!

    AM, how many times FFS do I have to tell you that you are too stupid to debate anything. Take your computer back you moron, demand a refund on the grounds of stupidity!

  • AM

    Milti, i think it may be time for you to go and boil your head 🙂