Pauline Read Opinion | Is This a New Property Scam?

Pauline Read Opinion | Is This a New Property Scam?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

It has come to my notice that owners of properties with mortgages or memorandums on are being targeted by potential purchasers with ridiculous ‘knock down’ offers to buy these encumbered properties. Offers even being forwarded to the purchasers by their own advocates. How questionable is that?

You might ask yourself, why would they want them? I know I did.

Think it through, we have seen evidence of corruption at the various Government offices, not least the land registry (tapu). We even know that one employee of the tapu stood up and allegedly lied on oath at the recent Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited case. How, for instance, was it so simple for Akfinans Bank to transfer my villa into the name of a former director and family member by marriage. I think we all know the answer. I have to date seen no documentary proof of this transaction, just word of mouth, and since this is north Cyprus, that is just not enough for me.

We have heard of the Tapu arbitrarily cancelling the registration of Contracts as per the Estate Agents Law of 2008, without consulting the purchasers and at the request of the builders. Did any money change hands to facilitate this wholly amoral and possibly illegal act? The Kyerson purchasers know how that feels.

Is it beyond the stretch of possibility that those now making these offers to the hapless purchasers have a ‘tame’ friend in the Tapu who will ease their way to having ownership put into their names with the usual brown envelope changing hands?

It would seem that far from there being any improvement in the situation, and it now being safe to buy in Cyprus, the scammers have just thought of new ways of milking the cash cows and have become even more resourceful.

I have called for a Government enquiry into the Tapu, especially the Girne Tapu, but as usual, nothing is happening.

So it seems the status quo has not changed and the scammers carry on defrauding, safe in the knowledge that as long
they are Turkish Cypriot, there will be no consequences.

Pauline Read

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13 comments to Pauline Read Opinion | Is This a New Property Scam?

  • fluter

    “Is it beyond the stretch of possibility that those now making these offers to the hapless purchasers have a ‘tame’ friend in the Tapu who will ease their way to having ownership put into their names with the usual brown envelope changing hands?”

    No, it is certainly not! That is exactly what happened to me when my purchaser almost managed to get my house transferred into his Mother’s name without having paid any money apart from the deposit.

    I even know the name of the crook in TAPU who did his utmost to facilitate it for his old school friend!

    And I know the name of one of the two crooks in Sercem who took part in the attempted fraud.

  • Polly Marples


    Odd that you should mention them since it was an approach to one of his purchasers that prompted Pauline to write this. The advocates are in this up to their necks.

    He is back up to his old tricks…building again and borrowing money from the same dodgy banks.

    Now where’s the sick bucket.

  • Miltiades

    Fools in a Fool’s paradise.
    “Carry on what? What a knobhead!”
    Who is a knobhead you senile old moron ???

  • Polly Marples

    Sod off mutey.

  • fluter

    Miltiades – what ruddy business is it of yours?

    Oh, and YOU are a five-star knobhead – OK?

    “Miltiades”, indeed. Miltiades was a hero. How dare you style your stupid self after him?

    “Diogenes”, maybe yes.

  • fluter

    Henceforth shall you be known as “Dodgy-knees”.

  • Polly Marples

    Love it….Dodgy-knees….they get even dodgier after a few glasses of the red stuff.

  • Fluter & Polly,
    it’s so sad that “dodgy knees” is so full of bitterness and hatred- his children & wife must have gone through hell with all his rantings and ravings.
    I suspect he will be picked up soon by the guys in the white van with the straight jackets and taken to a place of “safety”.
    He’s been a laugh though, hasn’t he !

  • fluter

    I have also wondered about his family Nigel.

    Not unknown for Cypriots to take it all out on the Wife.

    One of them once told me that some of them knock the Wife around once a week to show they are still boss!

  • AM

    He left Cyprus as a very small boy and never saw the place for decades then decides he is the biggest patriot of them all,….. the blokes a fraud just ignore the sill old duffer.

  • Wallet and Gromit

    Probably needs to get himself a new pet goat.

  • Wallet and Gromit

    Polly, be interesting to find out who is funding these offers, is it the bank, or your highly trained, superbly qualified and experienced legal adviser who has worked tirelessly on your behalf in return for the astronomical fee they charged you from the outset of your purchasing experience.
    Maybe someone who has or is considering buying the debt and looking for a quick profit.
    Perhaps someone should go along with the deal to find out.

  • Polly Marples

    Looks like Mutley got verbal shites as usual, pontificating from his armchair in his council flat I London area. Weekly bath due Mutley.

    In answer to the second post WG. I know P of CAC is involved as she has put offers forward to friends of Pauline’s. Quite enterprising really, being paid to help, helping sort of, then commission for the introduction…cake and eating it comes to mind.

    You gorra laugh, her partner also pontificates on how wonderful they are. Does he forget we know who he is and what he did? Sevilla purchasers. Did they ever get their Kocans, all very quiet there.

    I am sure there are more out there doing it. Advocates are only interested in enhancing their bank balance, probably have accounts in the offending banks.