North Cyprus Water Deal Contains Terrible Conditions

North Cyprus Water Deal Contains Terrible ConditionsThe new water deal pledges Turkey to supply the North Cyprus with 75 billion cubic meters of water annually and they have to buy the entire amount at an undetermined price. Turkey has the right to re-sell the water to the south.

A private company will have monopoly rights on the distribution and sale of the water along with exclusive rights on the north’s overground and underground water resources for 34 years. Which would mean that should Turkish water be preposterously expensive the consumer cannot revert to their local water supply. It also means that if annual purchases fall below the stated amount, the north has to pay the difference to the company. Again this means that if consumers do not buy this expensive water then the new water company is supposed to get paid by the north’s government who would probably have to borrow the money from Turkey or maybe even the EU.

The north has to hand over to the existing water company, free of charge, its existing storage facilities, distribution infrastructure and bill collection rights. The water company is allowed to bring in personnel, materials and equipment without any prior permission from north’s government and tax free. It also has the right to build a power plant to meet its own electricity needs and add the resulting cost to water bills.

There are no pricing terms, so the company is allowed to fix the price “according to performance.” In other words, the north pledges to buy 75 billion cubic meters of water at an unknown price and guarantees that it will pay whatever price the company sets.

The now deposed CTP party is arguing that Turkey’s AKP government is behind the UBP leaving the coalition and getting the mandate to form a new one. Trade unions see the water agreement as an “AKP invasion of the TRNC.” Calling on Turkish Cypriots to take to the streets, the Teachers Trade Union, the Revolutionary General Labour Trade Union and the Municipal Workers’ Trade Union say the deal usurps the rights not only of Turkish Cypriots, but also of their Greek co-islanders, arguing that it amounts to the island’s “colonization.”

The south says the 34-year water monopoly the agreement creates is a blow to the peace talks and efforts to create a united Cyprus federation.

There is a widespread expectation that the water monopoly rights will be granted to a pre-determined company close to the AKP through a token public tender.

Source: AL Monitor

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5 comments to North Cyprus Water Deal Contains Terrible Conditions

  • Jerry

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The pipeline is new and untried technology, my guess is that it will fail completely within a year or two.

  • Dominic Freeman

    and when it fails to deliver, Turkey will own the Cyprus water supply…assuming there is a settlement. If there is not a settlement then the north will become a Turkish province.

  • Jerry

    Illegally annexing part of an EU State, not a very good idea if you want to join the EU or maintain your privileged relationship with that body.

    Ha ha, dream on Freeman!

  • AM

    Jerry, Cyrus was not an EU state when Turkey set up camp so really the EU membership is the guilty party here ?

  • Jerry

    “Wet Dreams” comes to mind.