Intelligence v Resourcefulness – Seeing Through The Lies

Intelligence v Resourcefulness – Seeing Through The LiesI’ve been reading a few of the articles in NFCP and when it comes to North Cyprus News am amazed at how the wool is being pulled over the voters’ eyes there. But then I realise the same applies to the UK and the rest of the ‘free world’.

Turkey is taking over the North Cyprus water supply and from what I understand are to build a power station there and additionally connect electricity from the Turkish mainline, via the water pipe I understand. I believe they also control the police.

Meanwhile, down south efforts are being thwarted to bring the north into the EU and away from Turkish control. All the while the voters are left with little say about these matters. We complain about Turkey controlling the press but it seems to always be the case that whoever owns the media controls what people believe and therefore the decisions they make. Media controlled by people with a hidden agenda build prejudices in people who accept what they see, hear and read without looking elsewhere for alternative resources to confirm these stories. Back in 1989, the Sun newspaper’s account of the disaster was an example of this.

It took 27 years for there to be ‘justice’ in the case of the Hillsborough disaster. Not so, justice should be timely and not take 27 years. The real criminal in this case is that it took the legal system that long and would probably not have happened if The Hillsborough Family Support Group, led by Trevor Hicks, had not campaigned for the release of all relevant documents. Trevor wanted all the resources about the disaster to be available and was being resourceful in the way he eventually made this happen.

The Sun newspaper, four days after the disaster published a front page article blaming the fans and setting in the minds of its reader this blatant lie, a lie which would lead to the newspaper being boycotted but unrepentant. Today, while most newspapers feature the Hillsborough disaster on their front page, The Sun doesn’t nor did its sister newspaper The Times in its first edition. Yet Sun readers will continue reading it oblivious to the fact that there is a high chance they are being lied to or the real news is being denied them. Sun readers lack the resources to find alternative news but surely this should not be true for intelligent The Times readers?

Which brings me to the point of this article; intelligence and resourcefulness do not automatically go together. Successful people are resourceful but don’t necessarily have a high IQ. Personally, give me resourcefulness over IQ anytime. IQ is supposedly innate but resourcefulness is gained over time.

Schools fail pupils if they focus on teaching facts over equipping pupils with what they need to survive in the real world; resources in other words. Schools now teach Maths to children and young adults for 13 years, thousands of hours of tuition and yet ask the average 21 year old to calculate what 25% of £80 is, even with a calculator, and they’ll just shrug their shoulders.

They are taught science and yet if suddenly there was a long term fuel shortage and society was to break down they would be unable to cope unless they had taken the time to become resourceful. I’m sure the intelligent one would be able to look it up on the internet, if there was any power that is.

Are you resourceful? Do you believe what you read without checking it, and if it is on FaceBook do spread the ‘facts’ that fit your prejudices? Do you base your decisions on the propaganda spread by those with a hidden agenda? Have you ever thought about where this is leading us? Have I given you a headache?

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