North Cyprus Victims | Pauline Helps Mr Van Win Get Deeds


North Cyprus Victims – Pauline Helps Mr Van Win Get Deeds

Congratulations to Mr Van Win. I am so pleased you took that next step and now have your title deeds.

Having admitted to me that you had already spent £2000 to get where you are, I do hope CAC did not charge you more. Let us not lose sight of the fact that had I behaved as Akfinans Bank Limited did towards K5, you would still be in the system and probably there for many, many years.

I have be vilified for doing the right thing, even though legal advice was against my doing so. I found that I could not do to Mr Van-Win that which had been done to me. I created a legal precedent in doing what I did and hope those with stealth Memorandums on their property will benefit from this precedent.

Whilst in Chambers with the Head Judge, she expressed the opinion that what I was doing was ‘noble’ and indeed asked me many time if I understood what I was doing. I did understand and having been advised by Naomi Mehmet to take that route back in 2008, now realise it is often more for the benefit of the Advocate than the client and as my case clearly demonstrates it is just an exercise in “passing the problem down the line”. Doing the right thing is not ‘noble’, just common decency if somewhat costly.

I was never threatened with being excluded from the K5 case, indeed Boysan Boyra was fully aware of the situation when he took my fee and always said, “if you ever get your award, then you are out.” I guess my action now means I am in for the duration of the K5 case. Certain forums are saying they ‘forced’ me to remove the memorandum. Utter nonsense, I made my decision and acted on it, it is as simple or as complicated as that. Intimidation has not, nor ever will work with me although it is interesting that they admit to trying it on me.

Here is a reminder of what happened on the day the memorandum was lifted by the Supreme Court.

It is important to note. Mr Van-Win had an advocate present to represent him, although he did not attend the Hearing. No member of CAC was present, neither was the builder and the only reason the Kocan was now able to be obtained is because of my removing the memorandum.

The only regret I do have is ever buying in north Cyprus, and silly me I did it twice. Still I managed to get out from under on the second occasion relatively intact, primarily because I knew I would never get a second PTP, withholding it being another act of spite and another reason why until this country matures, buying in north Cyprus is a huge risk.

It makes me giggle that an old, old lady like me is still so controversial and my existence seems to pose a threat to some, so much so that at every turn they take a ‘pop’ at me. The comments on CAC facebook page are a hoot and oh wait a minute, didn’t I start that page, so doesn’t that make it my ‘intellectual property’ under FaceBook’s rules?

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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